Thursday, 7 July 2016

Say Something ATC

It's been ATC swap time again at Very Berry Handmade, and the theme this time was 'Say Something'. Kind of ironic at the moment since I haven't exactly been saying a lot round here recently.

I was making for Ali  herself from Very Berry, which felt like extra pressure! To try and come up with inspiration for what exactly to 'say', I started a little stalking session on Pinterest by trying to search for quotes on her boards. Somehow Pinterest auto corrected this to quotes from Muhammad Ali, and since I always love a good quote I had a bit of a browse before heading back to the Ali I'd intended. I didn't find anything which struck me as perfect.

The very next day Muhammad Ali died. I'm not someone who believes in 'fate', I believe we make our own choices and shape our own futures, so I don't think there was any deeper connection with my Pinterest search, Muhammad Ali's death and the ATC swap. But it did seem like the right time to use a Muhammad Ali quote on my ATC card - especially as he was pretty amazing with words and will be remembered maybe as much for 'saying something' as for his boxing triumphs.

So here's the one I chose...

I often find this sentiment very appropriate for children - 'How many days until my birthday?', 'How long before...?', 'I can't wait until...' All these are fairly commonly heard questions/statements around here! And I think perhaps my children are not the only ones. But maybe we're not immune, as adults, to falling into this same trap sometimes too.

And for my own card, I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous card from Susan @modernmanson:

When you keep in mind that this card is only 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, the size of a standard business card, it's pretty incredible how much colour and detail she's managed to get into it, and it's even more beautiful actually in the flesh.

What words would you have put on an ATC?