Why 'Wonky Patchwork'?

So why "Wonky Patchwork"?
For me, my love of patchwork isn't about making a technically brilliant quilt. I don't tend to have the time or patience for that. It's all about creating something beautiful with a mix of colours and patterns and shapes. Especially if it involves using "thrifted" materials, giving new life to something a bit old and dated.
There are some amazing new, designer fabrics out there and some incredibly talented quilters who make jaw droppingly gorgeous quilts from them. But this isn't the kind of challenge I most like from quilt making (which is good because I couldn't afford an addiction to new, designer fabric!). It would be difficult for anyone, with a moderate level of skill on a sewing machine, not to make a beautiful quilt if they start off with a beautiful stack of fabric - like this maybe...

(Amy Butler Soul Blossom)
Which is not to take away anything from quilters who do use such gorgeous fabric, I'm sure their sewing skills are generally far better than mine, obviously there is still an important design element and there are many other challenges in making such a quilt - like accurate cutting and piecing. It's just that for me, I really get my quilting buzz in a different way and, I'm sorry to say, accurate cutting and piecing aren't always a high priority! So I do sometimes end up with "wonky" patchwork, which for me personally adds extra individuality!

I would love my blog to be read by all sorts of patchwork enthusiasts. But most of all I would love it to be read by patchwork enthusiasts who, like me, maybe aren't technically perfect and who might, after looking at some of my projects and ideas, be inspired to make something a little bit more ambitious than they might have tried before. Something slightly out of their comfort zone, something maybe they'd been scared to try before. Or maybe even to make their very first quilt??? And I'd like them to enjoy making it without worrying about whether or not it will turn out perfect. I'd like them to rejoice in any wonkiness!

So, go on, don't put it off any longer, go and make it!


  1. I love your quilts! Even more I like how you use thrifted fabrics and throw caution to the wind in your design of them. Being self taught myself, freestylee sewing is what I love...not that there aren't great patterns, I just prefer to figure most things out for myself in this tech age that we live in. I am currently working on making my own thrifted stash smaller by making blankets and quilts. My current one is a chevron design made all of thrifted floral fabrics.check it out if you want at http://www.sewknitgrow.com/2014/04/a-weekend-tutorial-sewing-a-chevron-quilt-part-1.html
    Can't wait to see your next creations!

    1. Hi Laura, thanks so much for coming over and taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. I went straight over to see your quilt and loved it, had a good browse through your other posts and found lots I really liked (especially your recent skirts) but I'm having big problems leaving a comment over on your blog to tell you any of this! So I'm really sorry, I'm not quite sure why I'm having a problem, I don't normally have any issues with leaving comments and obviously other people have been able to comment. And to make matters worse I tried the e-mail option on your blog instead and that didn't work either - I don't think your blog likes me! And you seem to be a no reply blogger so I can't reply via this comment, I'm posting this here in the hopes that you might check back for a reply but I know it's not always easy to make time to do that. I am following your blog now even if I can't comment! Hope to maybe sort out this communication issue soon!

  2. I love this! Yay! I am happy to have met a kindred quilty spirit. Also I checked out some of your wool quilts, they are gorgeous!! I love the addition of the wool "pennies". You have given me a lot of inspiration and that is dangerous because tomorrow is shopping day and the thrift store is calling, haha! Cheers!

  3. yes i absolutely agree with what you say so much i love the look of something that actually looks handmadey and made from thrifted fabrics and bits and pieces not all the designer fabrics. for me also i couldnt do all that accurate piecing together. i love all of your work so much inspiration . your work is so individual and not just following some design pattern . i once went to a quilters workshop here in norfolk. they made the most amazing quilts but i wanted a more handmade look. they were a little taken aback by my fasty piecing together. the lady kept saying oh but they dont line up accurately. No i said thats because i am not bothered. i like the fabrics i am working with i am going for the overall look. i am a real novice though i havent done much really at all. i have just started a quilt for my bed. thats how i found you looking for insppiration on pinterest. i would love to come to a workshop. ive read more of your blogg now and you appear to be in devon. if you do run workshops i would still be interested to come as i have friends down in devon i could drop into and stay at. my email is pippa_moore1961@yahoo.co.uk if you have any please let me know. also if you do tutorials on utube i would love to know that as well. meanwhile i will just keep looking at all you r lovely quilts xxx so lovely to find someone with my kind of stylexxxxx pippaxx


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