Thursday, 5 June 2014

Doll's Quilt

There's definitely a common theme this week - of sewing and mental health! When I was reflecting on this earlier in the week in terms of my mental health, it occurred to me that it would be good for Maria too. So I dug out the doll's quilt we started together way back here, which, I'm sorry to say, has been sadly neglected for far too long, and we've been spending a little time, each of the last few days, working on it together again. Here it is as we left it:

And we've now progressed to this:

It hasn't changed colour over the last few months, just a much worse photo in artificial light today I'm afraid!
As well as helping me with the sewing, Maria has done a couple of pictures that I've transferred on to it with machine embroidery (if you're interested, see here for a recent post specifically on this kind of thing). Her flower is clearly visible:

But there's also a duck hiding behind this (slightly blurry!) flap...

Quack, quack!

And Maria managed to cut out a very creditable heart shape, after she'd drawn it on bondaweb, that we've hidden behind this flap:

She's planning on doing a self portrait tomorrow that I'll sew on somewhere. Then, after just a few more 'shapes' to fill in the gaps on the top, we'll be ready for the binding (the original post explained how we're making it, with the layers sandwiched together right from the start so we're quilting it as we go). It's also a good way for me to get a bit more sewing time in right now when I'm struggling with that quite a bit. So win - win!

I completely forgot to mention something else yesterday - there's a 'New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop' over at Plum and June, which started just yesterday. It's a chance for new quilt bloggers, who've only started blogging over the last year or so, to get to know each other better and swap tips - quilting and blogging tips. There are 2 blog hop days this month and 2 next month, I'll be writing a post for one of the days next month, but you can head over to Plum and June for all the details and to see what's been written so far. Apart from anything else, there are lots of lovely quilts on show in all the posts, and it's amazing how many new quilting bloggers there are out there.

That's it from me, back tomorrow with a photo for the week.



  1. What fun for both of you. Love it!

  2. That's such a lovely thing to do together - and her sewing skills are awesome, I love the duck!

  3. That is the most adorable, wonderful duck, I've ever seen. This is turning into a joyful and whimsical quilt. What a wonderful way to play together.


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