Monday, 8 December 2014

'Doll's bed' rug

This is something I made quite a few years ago, and looking at it now I'm happy my making has progressed in lots of ways - so basically don't look too closely at it!

I wanted to make a simple, bedroom rug to hide a stain on a wooden floor, and this is what I came up with - a rug that's a bed for a little flat doll (in fact there are 2 dolls, one for each of the girls, but the other one seems to be missing right now!)

I'm currently making something, which is smaller, different and not a rug at all, but which I'm making along the same lines. So this rug has been downstairs while I've been reminding myself how I originally constructed it, and it seemed about time I took some photos of it for here.

When I initially made it, I had plans to make several different outfits for the dolls. But I have to confess that they've both stayed completely naked the whole time.

I quickly whipped up the yellow dress for this one, at the weekend, to give her a little more dignity in her photo shoot! Now I've realised how quickly I can make a few dresses, perhaps they'll get those outfits after all.

I'm hoping I might finish my current make tomorrow, and then I'll show you how I put it together. But it is very simple, a basic quilted piece on the back...

And the front has 'covers' to slip the doll inside. The top section is meant to be the pillows on the bed and they're loose along the bottom too, so the girls can pad them up as proper pillows if they want - I think the idea might have been that the dolls' extensive wardrobe of clothes would be stored in there!

Maria would have been a much better fit in here, but Venetia decided to photo bomb me and wriggled in as fast as she could!

I vaguely remember she wasn't hugely too big for it when I first made it, they grow much too fast!



  1. Photoboming and all, the size reference shows this is a bigger mini quilt than I originally thought!

  2. I thought it was a lot smaller until I saw Venetia too - it looks like it's great fun for little flat dollies and little girls too!


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