Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pocket in a Log Cabin Block

I started Maria's quilt back in January with a 'Lift the Flap' Log Cabin block. For the next block I've made a 'pocket' within my log cabin rather than a flap. I started out with 3 pieces of fabric, 2 the same size, for the front of the pocket, and one a little longer but slightly slimmer for the back of the pocket.

I'm going with a quilt as you go method, so I already have a square of backing fabric here too. I sewed my larger piece down on to the backing fabric in the position I wanted the pocket.

Then you sew the 2 identical pieces together along 3 sides, right sides together, leaving whichever will be the bottom side unsewn and open.

Turn this 'bag' the right way round, gently poking out the corners and iron flat.

Now, you can just create an empty pocket, and use it to hold something 'loose', but I know what my children are like for losing small, loose items! This pocket is for 2 cats, so rather than just popping them in 'loose', I'm sewing them in on long tabs so they can't be completely detached from the quilt, and therefore can't be lost.

Here are my basic cats, with a long tab of fabric inserted up their bottoms!

The cats are very much taken from our 'Ten in the Bed' make before Christmas, I loved them so much then that I couldn't resist using them again. And if you wanted you could use a ribbon instead of creating a tab, but I do sometimes find ribbons don't stand up to repeated use and washes very well.

So before doing any more pocket assembling, I sewed my tabs down onto the back of my pocket.

I used a zigzag stitch and sewed them on very securely to allow for plenty of tugging by small hands. I've left the front of the pocket in this picture too, but folded up.
And then sew the front of your pocket on, along 3 sides, leaving the top open obviously. And make sure your raw edge of the front pocket is at the bottom. I just had to be careful not to catch the tabs or my cats in the sewing here.

Then I just built a log cabin up around it as normal, again taking care not to sew over cats or tabs. So this now conceals all my pocket raw edges.

I've made another 'Flap' block, which will probably go just above this cat pocket block in the finished quilt.

They both need a good trim and some quilting still.

Underneath the purple 'flap' is a little mouse...

Still in need of eyes!
Whom the cats will be sneaking out of the pocket to try and catch!

The baby cat is still missing his eyes and face, I need to find some tiny green buttons for him.
I'm sure they won't eat him though!



  1. I love the face you stitched on to one of the cats. :)

  2. That is just so sweet... except for the mouse that gets chased, I'm thinking he's a bit stressed out. LOL!
    Once more, just a lovely piece in the making Sally.

  3. Awwww, what a cute idea! I've never seen log-cabins with pockets in it, this is adorable.
    My niece turns 5 in september, may I borrow this idea for a gift for her (if I manage to make one)?

  4. oh that is truly adorable. xxx

  5. Totally gorgeous. Seeing this is pricking my conscience to finish madams quilt that needs binding! It's beans at semi complete for about 6 months!
    I just love the colours and fabrics you've got in Maria's.

  6. Aww they're so cute and I love that they have a little mouse to catch!

  7. Love the quilt flaps and the surprises that they hold!


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