Monday, 13 July 2015

Teacher present time of year.

It's that time of year again, which may possibly be second only to Christmas in terms of hand making gifts - teacher present time. And as usual I'm not hugely organised! (It never helps that it follows on so soon after Maria's birthday making!) Right now, to be completely honest, some bought presents are sounding an excellent idea, but Venetia has home made expectations (which of course I want to live up to!), and she also wants to be involved with all the making this year.

The first two are done (with little involvement from Venetia unfortunately!), and were handed over to the girls' two wonderful ballet teachers at the weekend.

First up, a cushion - made from old table linen and with a simple black, machine embroidered ballet dancer:

And secondly, not hand made by me, but thrifted - some lovely old napkins with beautifully embroidered, colourful dancers on each. These seemed the perfect present when I saw them several months ago, especially as they were in amazing condition.

If we do get round to it, we're hoping to make patchwork bags this year for other teachers' presents. I've seen lots of gorgeous ones out there, we love this one for instance...

Find it here, but it's pictures more than a tutorial.
So if you have any quick (preferably very quick!) and easy to make favourite bag patterns/tutorials then please give a shout! Or maybe you have other 'go to' teacher present ideas? All help gratefully received!



  1. As a former dancer, and dance teacher, that pillow is stunning!! And those napkins, love them! What wonderful gifts.

    Can't wait to see the patchwork bags :)

  2. A bit envious of the teacher who is getting the dancing napkins, they are gorgeous.

  3. As a huge fan of tea drinking, I like making tea cozies for gifts, but that is very dependent on if you know that is a preference. I have a tutorial on my bog if it suits you, though, and it goes together quickly.

  4. your children have very lucky teachers xxx

  5. Oh what a beautiful cushion, and your charity shop karma strikes again!! I'm not sure I've got a bag tutorial - though the one in the Cath Kidston book is fun and easy to put together - I'm making biscuits for Kitty's nursery, hopefully with thank you and their names imprinted on them!

  6. What a wonderful gift for a ballet teacher - and those napkins are divine too.
    Bag wise I do super simple drawstring ones like this (great out of hand coloured or painted fabric) and I also 'sew' up bags with painted paper (the big rolls of butcher paper or brown paper rolls are fab for the kids to colour and paint on)
    I also use my sewing machine to 'sew' a pouch to pop gifts into.
    Teacher gifts ... we don't do a huge amount really (feeling guilty!) usually cookies or cake or little handmade coasters (airdry clay or woven Gods eye or a handmade necklace from madam. For things like graduating out of a kindy class we donate a book to the rooms library.

    1. ps the drawstring bag you send for Nim was awesome! we love those types :-)

  7. Lucky teachers!!! You do score some wonderful finds at thrift stores, Sally.

  8. Perfect gifts! I used to really enjoy gift time at Primary school, it doesn't really happen so much at Secondary school, and I miss it X

  9. Better late than never: I love the embroidered cushion, the fact that you kept it simple and used only black thread makes it really elegant. And those napkins are a great find. Don't know if I would have been able to part with those.

  10. I need to go to your place and follow you around while you are thrifting. I never find anything as good as you. Or if I do, people are well aware that people are looking and they expect huge amounts for them. I found linen napkins a few weeks back at a flea market and the lady was selling them 6$ a piece. I could get a meter of brand new linen for 11$. :-P

    The pillow is amazing. Your embroidering if getting so amazingly good. Since I've been reading your blog, your hand had gotten so precise. It has always beautiful, but there is just a crispness in the design for this one. Great job!


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