Saturday, 12 March 2016

Sunshine Pojagi

We've been enjoying some lovely, sunny weather recently. Cold, frosty mornings with beautiful blue skies, and sunshine which has a surprising warmth to it for this time of year. And this has given us some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Theo has caught a few for me on camera (he got a new, fancy camera fairly recently with Christmas/birthday money and long-hoarded savings).

All this sunshine has prompted me to have a play with our painted fabric from the other week. I've been experimenting a bit with 'pojagi' recently - a Korean style of patchwork (read a bit more about it on Wikipedia here or try here with an option to then view lots of gorgeous examples from an exhibition!). Pojagi is traditionally hand stitched with extremely neat seams (sort of French seams) which mean that it can be displayed either way and is very effective with light shining through it. So it seemed perfect for the painted, muslin fabric with a sunshine theme. And I found this tutorial by The Silly BooDilly very helpful - especially as it's for machine sewing!

My original Pojagi expeimenting was fairly precise, with nice, simple shapes and I got on pretty well with it. This time though, I was much more relaxed with my cutting and didn't really have any particular plan in mind when I started - and this approach definitely made it much harder to get my seams good and neat!

This was my first attempt.

I wasn't mad keen on the end result and tried again.

After struggling with those seams, especially the slightly curved seams, I'd say both look deceptively simple! But I definitely prefer number 2, and it's currently hanging in my bathroom window looking lovely when the sun shines through it.

Have you ever tried Pojagi yourself? And if so, have you any good tips to pass on?

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  1. I think that the Pojagi technique sounds fascinating. I really like the idea of having a fabric stained glass art in the window. I will file their idea away to look into more (currently in a short weekend away visiting my in laws).

  2. I've never tried it, or actually even heard of it before, but it's beautiful- fabric stained glass, what's not to like!! Lovely sunset shots too, you're definitely on the right side of the county for beautiful sunsets, It's the only place where I've ever seen the green flash as the sun goes into the sea, a very magical moment 😀

  3. That looks intriguing and beautiful. I love how the light shines through it. No room for mistakes there I guess!

  4. Gorgeous shots. I've never tried, or heard of, Pojagi. It's a neat technique and I like how your piece looks like the sun.

  5. I'll definitely have to give this a go - the results are lovely.

  6. I love the sunrise, I love that it is different every day. You can tell that I'm a morning person :-)

  7. That second panel looks great. Something I'd be proud to hang in my window.

  8. I really like the effect. That second one would look amazing in a wooden frame and hung in front of a window. Kinda like what people do with stain glass panels. Just a thought. :-)


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