Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sun Hats

One of the lovely things about being able to sew is the way you can cobble together, often at very short notice, solutions to problems - like accessories  for dress up days at school, last minute gifts, or ..... sun hats when the sunshine miraculously returns and all last year's hats seem to have mysteriously disappeared.

There are lots of patterns/tutorials available out there for sun hats, from the ones I saw I think they all tend to be free patterns and they don't need a large amount of fabric, so they're basically a very cheap make. I used this reversible bucket hat pattern and it was straight forward and fairly quick to make.

After making one for each of the girls I decided that I really needed one too. I had to enlarge the pattern for mine so if you're making a grown up one you might be better finding a different source for your pattern.

Maria's hat was made from part of a thrifted shirt and an old sheet, mine from a slightly strange, reversible, thrifted scarf, and Venetia chose some 'new' fabric which I've had sitting around for several years, with her contrasting fabric coming from an old napkin which just happened to be the perfect shade.

Maria and I both prefer our hats one particular way, but Venetia likes changing hers up with the reversible nature of it.

I can see myself making a few more of these before Summer hits properly, Venetia in particular will want to be able to colour coordinate with her outfit, and we all have a tendency to mislay such things, so basically there's no such thing as too many sun hats around here!

Especially if you wear three at once!



  1. The hats looks great and just like ones you would pay some impressive $$ for in the store. I really like the bands of circular sewing / quilting on the rims, especially.

  2. What great hats! And so nice to see the three of you wearing them.

  3. Great hats! Love the fabrics and the shape is perfect for keeping the sun off fragile faces and necks. Nice to see you in a photograph with your girls Sally! X

  4. They are fabulous hats! And something I really ought to try making it given that our summer hats seem to disappear at a vast rate of knots too!!

  5. I agree with Carie.......they are fabulous!!!

  6. The hats are great, but the photos are the best part of the post! I especially love the one of the Mad Hatter at the end (haha Venetia - Pretty cute!) :-)

  7. Your hats look great, Sally. I've only heard good things about the Oliver and S pattern. I've yet to make one, though. Can't have too many hats in sunny Australia.


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