Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Vintage Sheet Circle Skirts

I've discovered the joys of making circle skirts. Have you ever given them a go? There are lots of tutorials out there (try this one here) and they're surprisingly quick and easy to make.

They do eat quite a bit of fabric, but perfect for vintage sheets.


The only down side is that they're really difficult to photograph when being worn by little girls. That twirl factor is so hard to resist!

And I am rubbish at trying to capture a twirl on camera.

But then after a while they get so dizzy they have to hold on to each other to stop themselves from falling down!

I think maybe I want one for me!



  1. Those pictures are too precious. :) I'd be twirling too with such a swirly skirt!!

  2. Oh, I think you should definitely make one for yourself! The three of you together would be such a beautiful grouping! :) <3

  3. gorgeous! Love those sheets - the white with flowers is precious.
    circle skirts are loved here too, or ballerina skirts as madam calls them.
    your girls are the cutest too

  4. Beautiful skirts, and adorable photo's of the girls Sally! The essence of childhood jumps from these photographs X

  5. ah the twirl factor, there really is no other reason necessary to go ahead and make this lol

  6. What little girl doesn't love a twirly whirly skirt. I've only ever made one, and as you said, other than eating a lot of fabric, they're not hard to make. Both skirts look lovely, but especially the first - gorgeous fabric.

  7. Aren't they beautiful- the children and the skirts! I'm very impressed with your vintage sheet finds, our charity shops never have anything so nice!

  8. What a great idea! I wish I could find old sheets that pretty around here. Every sheet I've come across looks so much, well, like a sheet! Luckily for us quilters, the huge scraps that are left behind are always welcome for smaller projects!


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