Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Christmas Fair Making

My Christmas making has stepped up a notch, because I've arranged to have a stall at one of our local Christmas Fairs. I could really do with trying to turn my making into something slightly more commercially minded, and to be honest it's much easier to just not do that. To never get round to starting up an Etsy shop, or thinking about pricing or what kind of thing might actually be saleable. Much easier and more pleasant to carry on just making for fun and favours and gifts. So it seemed like a good plan to agree to a stall; I now have a specific date that I've got to work towards rather than putting things off constantly. And if I've taken the plunge with that, perhaps other things, like Etsy, might not seem so scary.

But it's been quite a few years since I last did a stall, so if you've got any good advice for me on what type of things you find sell well at Christmas Fairs, or the type of things you like to buy at Christmas Fairs, or even if there's something specific you've seen that I've made in the past that you think might sell, then please shout out. All ideas very gratefully received!

Here's where I am so far with my making for it.

Some more Pixie Hats...

A couple with embroidered snowflakes...

One with some really pretty lining fabric...

And another stripey one...

And then a couple of cushions, both made from repurposed wools. One with a robin...

This one is a design I used in my Robin Quilt, which has not progressed one teeny bit since February, when I finished all the blocks and then wrote the words: 'I'm feeling confident it will be done by next Christmas!'. Ha, that was clearly asking for it!

And a reindeer cushion...

My original plan with this one was to make a Rudolf cushion, based on the little brooch I made for Venetia last year...

So basically I would just add button eyes and a red button nose to it. But once I had the shape sewn on I wondered whether it would be better to leave it just like that rather than making such a specifically Christmassy cushion. What do you think? I personally prefer the end result with the Rudolf plan, but is that making something much less widely marketable? You see, this kind of thing is exactly why I don't like the idea of putting myself out there selling! Help needed please!

If you'd like to see more Christmassy makes then 'Ho, Ho, Ho and on we sew' is over at Practically Pippy this month, with a really great idea for a gift card holder doubling up as a mug rug or tree ornament.



  1. I vote for adding eyes and a nose, personally. I think it gives it so much more character! If you are worried about seasons, then the nose can be a black button...

  2. Love that hats (love love love!) and the robin - I'd def say add the eyes and nose to the cushion - yes it will be christmassy but also super cute and adorable

    1. also - you know you made some beautiful tree decorations last year (years before?) they would look great displayed on a twig spray painted silver/gold and would be lovely little gifts/trinkets to buy for people wanting something little?

  3. I am not commercially minded at all, but I have had a baking stall a few times at local Christmas Fairs, and my tip is to have some small, competitively priced items on the stall as well as bigger items. People are sometimes reluctant to approach a stall if there are only larger (and they think, more expensive) items on sale, but will comfortably rummage through smaller,cheaper items, which will then often lead to them buying something bigger. The other thing is, make sure you charge enough! Hope it goes well , good luck X

  4. I'm with the others - I'd add eyes and nose. Have fun planning and getting enough things made for the stall.

  5. Oh, how exciting!!! You will have so much fun making for your stall. I love the hats, and the pillows are awesome. I like the reindeer pillow as is, but that's just me :)

  6. I love the snowflakes. You've just given me ideas for all those stray buttons I seem to collect. The pillows are wonderful. You'll do great.

  7. Solely as a customer I totally agree with Penny, I don't approach a stall if it looks unaffordable. I just find myself all intimidated. I personally get on better where the stall holder waits for me to start a conversation/ask a question. But I know others like to be greeted so that's a tricky one.

  8. I wonder what you decided about the buttons on the reindeer? I am of two minds, so didn't weigh in. It is very handsome as-is, but your wee deer is so charming with the buttons...I am of NO help!


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