Friday, 19 August 2016

A new quilt - striippy half square triangles

Now don't fall off your chairs or anything but there is actually a new quilt well under way round here, only a baby quilt but still. And it's not going to be too long before I finish it either - as long as I decide on a layout some time soon.

I've been powering through making lots of strippy half square triangle blocks.

They're very straightforward to make. I've been starting with a square of very thin muslin.

Laying a reasonably thick strip of fabric diagonally across it - this one needs to be pretty thick because later it will be cut in half and have a seam allowance taken off it too.

And then another strip sewn down, right sides together...

And then ironed over.

And carry on until the square is covered.

Trim it up.

Then a square of my grey fabric pinned to it, right sides together. Draw a line down that central diagonal strip, and sew 2 seams a quarter inch either side of that marked line.

Then just cut through on your marked line to create 2 blocks...

When I started I did intend to lay them out in a pin wheel effect,like this...

But once you have a bunch of half square triangles it's impossible not to play around with them a bit, and they tempted the girls in to getting involved too!

Maria liked this design best.

And Venetia tried a few out for me, my favourites were these 2 variations...

And now I'm really not sure whether to stick with the pinwheel or not! What do you reckon?



  1. What a fun quilt! They are all great layout, but I might favor the very last layout the most. Whatever you decide is going to be wonderful. :)

  2. Though it's a classic, I think I'd skip the pinwheel and go with one of the girls' brilliant creations! (Super fabric choices - the blocks make my eyes dance!)

  3. Hard decision because they all look great!!! Venetia's first design is stunning, and Maria's favourite really catches my eye.

  4. Looks like I need to consult your girls whenever I need help coming up with a layout, their ideas are fantastic! It's a tie between Maria's design and Venetia's second design. Also, I need to remember the idea for the scrappy HST, such a cool idea!

  5. It's a close run thing but I think the pinwheel just edges it for me - they're all gorgeous though!

  6. Replies
    1. also i think Marias layout gets my vote

  7. I like both Maria and Venetia's designs best but I think Maria's wins out by a thread. This is a great take on the HST.

  8. What ever you decide/have decided it will look great. I like all the pattern formations, very hard to pick.

  9. Just back from a blog break and very late in commenting but I agree, whichever way you've decided would be gorgeous.

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  11. I seemed to miss this post for some reason Sally. What a lucky baby, is all I can say, to recieve such a quilt. Great method for half square triangles x

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