Friday, 25 September 2015

Scrappy tunic refashion

A refashion for Venetia today. Another top buried in the wardrobe that hadn't seen the light of day for far too long.


Then taken in, although with hindsight I should have taken it in much more dramatically than this - as in chop the arms off and take a good size slice of the sides before reattaching the arms. I wanted it to be quite a wide, swinging style top so I thought I'd get away with just this little bit of shaping but I ended up fudging some more near the end of the alterations.

Then a couple of folds in a piece of A4 paper to make a 'pattern'!

And I cut out, and then sewed together, these shapes from lots of scraps - there are a couple of old shirts in here, a tablecloth, a couple of sheets and an ancient dress.

Once I had a strip the size I wanted, I sewed the ends together into a 'circle'.

And then pinned it to the top, right sides together, gathering evenly as I went.

Here it is right sides together, about to be sewn.

A hem on the bottom, a quick chop and hem of the sleeves and it was good to go (although, as I mentioned above, I did take the sides in some more after Venetia had tried it on!)

I can see Venetia wearing this a lot with jeans, both skinny and standard, as well as leggings.

I do like refashioning - for one thing it's perfect make it up as you go along territory, and for another so many of the fiddly, finishing details - like necklines for example - are already done for you.


Which often means they're very speedy makes.

So speedy that I still have a couple more to show you!



  1. I really like how the stripes of the refashioned top are horizontal and the piecing for your addition run vertically. :)

  2. Very clever Sally! Looks so comfortable and colourful! X

  3. Oh how clever! It looks wonderfully twirly and a really comfy top :)

  4. Absolutely adorable and you have another aspiring model in the family.

  5. what great refashioning you've been doing! x

  6. ooh that looks great! and super twirley too

  7. When I first began refashioning, I didn't like the make it up as you go along. Too many rules I'd learnt were being broken. Now I love to break the rules and make it up.

  8. You make refashioning look so easy! Venitia looks so comfortable wearing her new top, too. Lovely job.

  9. That is my favorite so far! :-) The colors are beautiful.


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