Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fairy Doll

For a different birthday present I decided I'd adapt my Russian Dolls and make a fairy doll instead. I seem to have taken loads of photos on this one so here's the making of it in pictures:

I used the sleeve of an old wool jacket.

Sewed on a face and a few flowers to pretty her up a bit.

Wings fron an old wool scarf, with machine sewn 'veins' - helped to stiffen them up as well as add visual detail.

Folded over and sewn down the middle too, so they stick out a little.
Now sewn onto the back piece of the doll.

Right sides together, sewn together - making sure the wings are well folded up inside so they don't get caught in the stitching.

Sew a weight on the inside of the base to help her stand up.

Stuff and hand stitch on the base.

Hand stitch on some 'leaves' for a little cap. The 'blue' marks you can see are from a water soluble fabric pen, it just wipes away with a damp cloth,  great for embroidery and loads of other things too. I use mine a lot. Find them here.

Stitching on more leaves...

Here she is finished.

Her bottom!

Her back! Told you I took lots of photos!

Hurray, she does stand up!

A leaf with some machine sewn veins - this is actually the back ...

Here's the front - a leaf sleeping bag today.

She just about fits...

In she goes! All done.

See you again tomorrow, with a photo, Sally.

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