Thursday, 23 January 2014

Snowflake Star

I know, I know, I wasn't going to post anything today. But, I had a newsletter from Piggy & Dirt e-mailed to me today. They have an Etsy shop which sells beautiful glass stars. I've bought a couple of stars from them in the past and now I'm on their mailing list. Anyway, it reminded me that I bought one of their stars as a Christmas present for someone this year, but I liked it too much and decided I had to keep it for myself.

It looks much better in daylight, especially with sunshine streaming through it.

Only it's been sitting in a cupboard and not hanging up looking gorgeous. And, especially as it has a little snowflake in the centre, I thought it would be perfect as part of my post-Christmas Winter decorating and decided it had to be hung up straight away.

Not only that, but it needed a quick little make to go with it. So, while the tea was in the oven, I sewed up an easy little Winter banner to hang with it.

Another photo that could have done with a bit of natural light!
 It's still looking a little on the bare side, maybe it needs a few more snowflakes? Anyway. the banner is from some lovely soft wool (a skirt in a previous life), just with white fabric letters sewn on to it.

And I thought I'd really better share it all with you straight away, rather than wait for some sunshine for my photos, because my Piggy and Dirt newsletter informed me that they are having a brief 20% off sale at the moment. It's only until 25th January, the code is LOVE2014, in honour of Valentine's Day - they have lots of heart themed stars at the moment. So if you're struggling to think of a present for someone, or just love stars yourself, go and have a look at their shop. They do have lots of beautiful stars, like this one for instance:

Now this is obviously how to take a photo!

 That's it for tonight. Back tomorrow with that photo still, and then maybe I'll skip Saturday instead of today!


PS By the way, if you're wondering, I've still got quite a lot to do on Theo's quilt. My 4 hours sewing dwindled away to more like 2 what with one thing and another. I managed to get the middle section quilted, which I'm really hoping is going to be the trickiest bit out of the way now - it wasn't much fun. So still quite a bit of quilting to go and the binding. But Theo is very forgiving and happy to wait. And he seems to have had a good birthday anyway.

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