Thursday, 30 January 2014

Vintage sheet giant log cabin.

There was no pressing urgency to finish this quilt, but there was so little left to do that I finished it anyway. It's always good to finish things.

This one started back here, and comes out in rainbow colour order.
 (And it isn't that I'm avoiding Theo's quilt. That's coming on quite fast now, the quilting isn't everything I might have dreamed of, but it's done. And I've half finished the binding. But I'm only working on that when Theo isn't around, since although he knows I'm making him a quilt he hasn't seen it yet.)

This one is just backed with a nice, easy vintage sheet.

And almost all of the fabrics on the front are from vintage sheets too. The red at the centre of my 'rainbow' is from an old, old scrap I scavenged from my Mum's old fabric stash, and there's an old table cloth in there too.

It's quite small so the square spiral quilting was very straightforward. All in all it was a very well behaved quilt.

And definitely this large log cabin design is one I'll do again with different fabric/colour choices. There's another lovely blog I'm going to link up with today - My Quilt Infatuation on 'Needle and Thread Thursday'. There are so many beautiful quilts there to have a browse through (try the 'My Quilts' link along the top), including a few along the same design lines as my little picnic quilt here - have a look at this one:

By a strange coincidence this was the very same quilt that set me off wanting to try this giant log cabin design in the first place (only I spotted it via 'The Crafty Pod' initially, which is where the link in my first post took you, so it's great to be sending you off on a link straight to the source this time around!).

Anyway, hopefully you can now see why I want to try the design again in a different fabric/colour choice. Watch this space!

And I'll be back tomorrow with a photo, Sally.


  1. Your quilt is so pretty! I love vintage sheets. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, what a great place for picture taking!

  2. Such a pretty, colourful quilt! How great that you could recycle so many fabrics too. I am sure your recipient will be thrilled with it.

  3. the colors in those vintage sheets are absolutely fabulous. I love it! I'm so happy to know that my Giant Log Cabin inspired you!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and welcome to the party!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Oh my that is just lovely, I really really adore the rainbow colourway. Also love the colours against the background in the pic.
    I think I might have to try that giant log cabin as my next project. It looks fun. Is it hard to do? Most of mine are just charm squares and a border (usually ends up wonky - latest one did! I did do my first proper machine quilting today (I usually hand quilt little joining stitches) I splashed out and bought spray glue that I've seen you mention. Magic!

  5. I'm in the process of making a quilt top with tiny log cabins. I would never have thought of making one big log cabin. I LOVE your quilt, Sally, both the log cabin design and the combination of vintage sheets. Glad you found my blog post on replying to comments helpful. Am replying to you here as you are showing up as a 'no reply' blogger'. Only mentioning in case you didn't know, not to ask you to change.

  6. Hi again Sally! You came up as no reply blogger, so I'm responding here. I appreciate your comments :) The flagstone quilt is SUPER fast and fun to do, yes! And the circles were just machine appliqued as you said. Thanks for stopping by, Christine

  7. I love the quilt! I also love vintage sheets...great combo! (The landscape behind your quilt is beautiful too.)


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