Monday, 24 February 2014

Bird Brooch and Hamper

We've been away for our late 'Christmas' this weekend. It was lovely to get away and see family we don't get to see too often. And then it was lovely to come home! I completely forgot to photograph the quilt that was delivered so I can't show it to you - but it really didn't look too different to photos of it in bits! I did take a photo of another present, and, since today has been spent unpacking and washing mountains of clothes and generally trying to sort out a bit of last week's mess, that's all I'm going to show you today! It's a slight variation on a present idea I shared with you before Christmas - the Wild Bird Food Hamper. But this time I made a simple fabric bird brooch to go with it too.

Just a simple bird shape with a few layers (wool blanket scraps), a nice piece of wool for backing, beak and wing and then lots of stitching to hold it together and give it a bit of strength. Last of all, a button eye and sew on a brooch back. It just seemed to add the perfect touch to the bird hamper.

The girls both loved the idea of a fabric brooch so I think it's something I could be doing a few more of in the near future. Which sounds good to me, I feel in the mood for making small, quick things at the moment.

See you tomorrow, Sally.


  1. Love the bird brooch! Such a simple gift idea. I get in the mood for small, quick projects too from time to time.

  2. That is a lovely gift, and the brooch is gorgeous!


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