Tuesday, 28 October 2014

All year round wreath

I made a couple of these as presents a few years ago, and liked them so much I wanted one for us. But for some reason, it seems to have taken me over 2 years to get it finished! But finished it finally is.

It's a simple driftwood wreath, just like the one I made for Christmas, with a holly leaf wrapped around it:

But now with accessories which work for every month of the year, not just for Christmas.

So for this month, we have a spooky bat:

For November, a poppy:

For December, I've added a robin as well as a holly leaf:

A snowflake for January:

For February, a heart:

A daffodil for March:

A little baby chick for April:

Hopefully the blue tits will all be busy nesting come May:

Some daisies for June:

An extremely large, juicy strawberry in July:

In August, a sunflower:

And some Autumn oak leaves for September:

Each of the other two I made had slightly different accessories, there are endless possibilities according to the recipient. And there are several more bits and pieces I have in mind to make for ours. Already the children are asking why we don't have something firework/bonfire related for November, and they think an apple would be good for this time of year too. The lack of a butterfly has also been lamented. I'm hoping they might make their own accessories for it for me, and possibly personalise it somehow for family birthdays too. I'm quite happy for all sorts of dangles to be added, they could be paper based and temporary in nature just as much as the hand sewn wool varieties. We'll see how it develops.



  1. Love it! And all the accessories :)

  2. Perfect! Love the driftwood and all of the seasonal embellishments!

  3. What a sweet and lovely wreath. The accents are great, and I know I would have loved to add to it as a child! :)

  4. Oh it's lovely! And the accessories are brilliant, and open to endless tweaking and adding to. Driftwood is just so very tactile isn't it, like nothing else I can describe, it must have been so much fun to make, and now to touch as you go by.
    Ps I'm thinking battery operated fairy lights for Christmas!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this idea. We don't have an driftwood in CO of course. Maybe Aspen tree rounds. Still adding to this to the project to do list!

  6. I think this is a truly inspired idea, I love acknowledging the seasons,and this is such a simple, effective way to do it! Beautiful! X

  7. Clever! We released and pruned some of our wild apple trees, and I still have the saplings and branches we cut. Now I know what to do with some of them.

  8. What a creative idea! I love all of the options you have...especially the blue tits (they look like our blue jays).

  9. I missed this post a while back, what a WONDERFUL idea!!!! I just may have to steal this. Hope you don't mind! :-)


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