Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rainbow Snail Cushion

I've been doing more making for my upcoming Christmas Fair stall, some holiday themed items and some that I'm hoping might just appeal to people as presents. One of the downsides of making to sell is that you're very conscious of how long things take to make. Which I find can have 2 main consequences - maybe you don't make intricate, detailed things, and/or you don't make things that take thinking time to figure them out.  Both parts of the making that often appeal to me - plus you have to watch the quality of your 'finishing' - which often doesn't appeal to me!

One way round the need to avoid 'thinking time' is obviously to make something you've already made before, or perhaps adapt it in some way. My Rainbow Snail has come up in various makes before, but here it is a little larger on a cushion...

As speedy as I now am with these snails, it doesn't take away the fact that there's quite a bit of sewing in them so it's still not the quickest of makes. But they are also a very enjoyable make and there's the added advantage that if it doesn't sell then Maria will be extremely happy to keep it for herself!


  1. It's adorable and I'm sure, will end up in a good home. You'll have to make another for Maria.

  2. The snail is adorable, and it sounds like it will be win / win whether it sells or comes back home. :)

  3. Well, that snail is adorable! (I've decided that buttons work on everything! - Rush back and put some on that reindeer pillow, quick!) How will you display your cushions? Will they sell stuffed, or flat? Great make.

  4. I'm sure it will sell, Sally. I love how his / her shell is done in rainbow colours.


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