Thursday, 22 October 2015

Reindeer Cushions - 'Ho, ho, ho' sewing.

It's 'Ho, ho, ho' time of the month again, this time it's being co-hosted over at Ella and Nesta and at Sandra Sews. Last month I was just starting to get some making done for a local Christmas Fair stall, and, as part of that, I had this Reindeer cushion:

Little Rudolf brooch perched on top of the cushion in this photo.

But I couldn't decide whether or not to add eyes/nose as I had with the little brooch from last year. Thank you very much for all your ideas and advice for stall making generally and on the specific reindeer issue - in the end I decided he was a bit too basic and lacking in character as he was so I did add the buttons. Here he is now...

But I have also made a couple of other, maybe slightly more sophisticated, stags/reindeer - with no buttons - to try and sell.

I love the fabric on this one - repurposed wool of course, this fabric used to be a kilt...

And then another with a patchwork of repurposed wools...

And as well as Christmas sewing there's even been a bit of Christmas cooking going on round here - Maria and I made our first batch of mince pies today!

I know, I know, October is a little early for those, but I got the mincemeat done at the weekend, before our apples all disappeared, and once you've done the mincemeat you have to make one batch of pies (or maybe two...) to sample it properly!

It may be a little early for the pies, but surely not for other Christmas making now, there are, after all, only a couple of months left to go, so what have you got underway? And if you need a bit of a boost to get you finishing something, then the 'Ho, ho, ho' linky is open to the end of the month and the giveaway this month is some gorgeous Liberty fabric - definitely worth being in the draw for that.



  1. Christmas cake is done already. Annoying having the house smell amazing but not being able to eat it! What's your mincemeat recipe?

  2. Love those cushions! and mince pies ... nom nom nom

  3. Look at you go with the Christmas making :) Love the cushions. Your stall at the Christmas Fair is going to be amazing!

  4. We are still trying to shake off summer here, Sally, and you're already preparing for the height of winter :-)

  5. It is never too early to start sampling mince pies Sally :)

    I love all of your reindeer cushions, they will sell like hot cakes!

    Thanks for linking up to Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew too :)

  6. Your cushions are fantastic! My favourite ones are the ones with the eyes. Great job!

  7. Your pillows are great, Sally - I have to admit, though, that Rudy is my favourite - he's adorable :) I don't think it's too early for pies - I'd love a bite, please and thank you, lol!

  8. I hope you were singing Christmas carols at the same time!! The cushions look fabulous, especially the blue stag and the reindeer has such a cute expression!

  9. The buttons were the perfect touch for Rudolph. The Stags are gorgeous. You'll have no trouble selling them.

  10. Ah, yes. Now Rudolph looks like himself, with a proper red nose! The stag heads look just fabulous. The one you made from a kilt looks as if he is ready to bolt - he has a great sense of suspended motion. We haven't had proper mincemeat since my English grandmother's baking days...and I can barely remember the flavour. (Is that powdered sugar on yours?) If I made mincemeat tarts now, nobody would eat them but husband and kids didn't grow up with it, so they just think it's yucky. Do you do jam tarts, as well? (with coconut?)

  11. I love the way you repurpose fabric. It just shows that sewing doesn't have to be an expensive hobby and you certainly don't need to hoard a huge stash. Though I'm a great one for keeping clothes, as they might be useful. I know there's someone in our house who would be happy to eat mince pies all year round!

  12. All of the reindeer cushions look great, Sally. Adding eyes has given Rudolph character. Love how you repurpose wool.

  13. I like your two new sophisticated Reindeer, I can see these at quilt market, very modern! Plus I love upcycling!


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