Saturday, 28 November 2015

More Deer Cushions

This week has been up and down. The pithy, easy to recount lows being a dodgy handbrake leading to a car stuck in the mud, and an escaped snake - again! And the corresponding highs - a very helpful neighbouring farmer who towed said car out of the mud, and a snake finally (after 3 days!) back in the tank! (And that sentence really does not begin to do justice to the efforts we went to in order to retrieve that stupid snake!) Another, not to be underestimated, high was Theo washing his own PE/Games kits of his own accord - straight from bag to washing machine and then, drum roll please, also hung up to dry, with absolutely no prompting from me at all. Those with teenage boys (girls too?) may appreciate the enormity of this. I think perhaps it may be connected with the escaped snake and his extreme contriteness at the snake-on-the-loose stress it caused!

Anyway, in amongst these ups and downs, and the many others too long winded and boring to recount, not a lot of sewing has happened. But I still have a couple more deer cushions to share.

A simple silhouette...

And the same silhouette, but also with simple circles sewn onto it...

Christmas is now under a month away, and my Christmas Fair is just a week away - aaagh! I'm off to sneak in a bit of making!


PS I actually did a bit of dreaded 'Black Friday' shopping yesterday! Big Little are having a sale over on Etsy all weekend, 30% off with the code BLACK, so if you fancy making some pixie hats or wild thing scarves as Christmas presents, then now's the time to go and buy the pattern. Very quick, easy makes! I might have just bought the slippers, childrens' cape, and possibly even a grown up coat pattern too!


  1. I really like the simple silhouette against the plaid. Good luck feeling prepared for the fair in a week, and I am thankful for all the good things that happened this week (especially helpful neighboring farmer)!

  2. Lovely makes and the colours work well together. Xxx

  3. I'm not going to ask about the snake because YIKES. I did have 2 teenage boys, though - one was very neat and tidy (and still is) - the other went from being a slob who didn't know what to do with a laundry basket, to being very neat and tidy when he moved into his new house (because he couldn't do that when he lived at home??!!! ), to being half and half after about 6 months in his own house - he's tidier than he was as a teenager, but now he only does laundry and dishes about once a week. His house, his decisions - I say nothing, lol! Those purple deer cushions are a blast - I can't even pick a favourite, between the adorable plaid and those equally adorable circles!

  4. are you selling any of the cushions online?

  5. Beautiful, Sally, especially the one with the tartan background and the white silhouette.

  6. Oh that spotty deer!!! so gorgeous! LOVE it


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