Thursday, 5 November 2015

Wool Patchwork Cushions

This isn't the most exciting post ever, but I do quite like these cushions even so!

More Christmas Fair making

All repurposed wools.
I think that's mainly just down to the choosing and significance of the colour schemes. The first one makes me think of driftwood on the beach, and the second, heather up on the moors. So what colour scheme would you choose for a cushion and why?


  1. These look so warm and cozy. I can picture curled up with one, and a good book, this winter. They'll sell well.

  2. You really should have tags that give your color choice descriptions, because the additional mental / visual input sells me on these! Lots of shades of green with tiny pops of bright orange, yellow, and purple for a field of spring flowers. :)

  3. gorgeous. and I love Yvonne's idea about the tags! x

  4. Oh i love that heathery one .. its awesome!! perfect colours
    They sort of remind me of the seasons.

    I also think blue with white patches would look lovely as it wold have a sky with clouds feel to it.

  5. cozy! I think you should put special tags on that name your inspiration for these - Driftwood, Heather in the Moors, etc. People are drawn to stories and may pick one up and take it home if it appeals to their imaginations as well as their senses! Or, it may remind them of someone they'd like to spoil with a gift. ...oh, for Pete's sake...I just read the comments above mine...Ha! I totally agree about the tags!

  6. I especially like the first one - blues and browns are an awesome colour combo.

  7. Oh, I hink they are simply beautiful Sally! I'm actually making a table runner for someone that has a bit of the same look. :-)


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