Sunday, 10 April 2016

Patchwork Feathers and the start of a new quilt

This week I have a teeny, tiny finish, and a teeny, tiny start.

The start is the beginnings of a new quilt. This is a quilt that has been queued up to be made for well over a year now, and I've been struggling to come up with a plan which felt good. I think a lot of the problem is that the only thing I have to go on with this quilt is that it has to go with a particular wall of wallpaper, and unfortunately, don't tell anyone, but I really don't like the wallpaper. That's felt like quite a tricky hurdle to get over for me. I finally came up with something that 'interested' me a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest, I'm really not sure it's going to be a success, but I decided this week I just need to make a start and see how it goes.

So 2 blocks done, and I'm still really not sure it's going to be a success! But I'll persevere a little longer.

Perhaps I might need to try and engineer a change of wallpaper instead though!

Anyway, for a bit of cheering up, light relief, I made some patchwork feathers for my tiny finish. I have long fancied making some patchwork feathers, but I've never come up with a 'reason' to make them. Well, this week, just wanting to make some felt a good enough reason.

And here is one which has already now found a purpose, predictably on a hair band!

The others may end up on hair bobbles or clips too, I haven't decided yet. But they were all fun to make.



  1. Okay, I love those patchwork feathers. Love them!!!!

  2. those feathers are SO cool!
    and im 100% sure that you will make a wonderful quilt - you always do!

  3. oh those feathers are cute x

  4. Well, the blocks are lovely even if the wallpaper is not. I love a good sash and insert project, though. :)

  5. Hi, I'm pretty sure I've commented before but in case I havent - hello, and I found you again whilst blog hopping. I love your work, and your blog :) Off to read more now!

  6. I've never seen a patchwork feather before. Yours are lovely. And light.

  7. I can picture your blocks making a lovely quilt, Sally. As single blocks they don't necessarily catch my eye, but I think they'll really work as a whole quilt. Love the patchwork feathers. I wonder if petals could be done the same way.

  8. You should definitely keep forging ahead on the blocks, I think you have something there. LOVE the feathers.

  9. Just a desire to create is enough of a reason. I love your feathers. Will watch this quilt grow with interest!! X


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