Friday, 22 April 2016

Spring Flower Patchwork Cushion

This is actually last week's finish, but I've just had too much going on - good and bad! - to get round to posting!

You last saw this project as a scattering of hand sewn wool squares in progress early in the New Year here.

They look so much more vibrant now in bright Spring sunshine.
But these squares really grew from a comment by Yvonne - Quilting Jetgirl - way back in the Autumn here. My post had been a short one about inspiration for colour schemes for cushions. And Yvonne's suggestion for her colour scheme had been:
'Lots of shades of green with tiny pops of bright orange, yellow, and purple for a field of spring flowers. :)'
I really liked that idea and this is my take on it - thanks Yvonne, and hope it says 'field of Spring flowers' to you!

And as a finish it's perfect timing since we are happily into Spring round here and have a good smattering of flowers about and definitely loads of green everywhere.

As with the scarf I made along these lines, I simply machine sewed the squares directly on to a background fabric. I found an amazing remnant of corduroy in just the perfect shade of green in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, which pushed me into finishing up this project.

And finishing it has now made me wonder about what three more cushions might look like - inspired by the other three seasons. So what would your four seasons cushions look like?

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts again and hoping you all have a special weekend.



  1. Love it!! I think I say that about a lot of your work :) Happy weekend.

  2. This is such a bright and cheery finish; the colors a very spring to me (the pops of yellow are just right, I might need to add in a touch of orange for California poppies). I hope the bad is not too bad, and hugs to you regardless. :)

  3. Oh that's just gorgeous - primroses personified or should that be cushionified?! As for the rest of the seasons, summer would be yellow, pink and blue on a sky blue background (think yellow roses and all the colours of hydrangeas), Autumn would be greens, flame red, chocolate brown on a burnt orange, and Winter is white, Aqua, the occasional pop of red and possibly a sort of rosy cheeks pink, all on an icy blue!

  4. It's wonderful.

  5. Just perfect for Spring!!! What a difference between the Winter and Spring photos.

  6. Oh, this cushion is wonderful, so bright and pretty.

  7. Everyhting you make has such a light touch Sally, this cushion is fabulous! X


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