Monday, 11 November 2013

Alphabet stamps and clay

We had a bit of a play around with some air drying clay at the weekend. Venetia wanted to make a name sign for her door, and I ended up making a little 'thank you' heart to send to my Mother-in-law for my new sewing machine.

In keeping with the rest of her room, Venetia, of course, went for a butterfly shaped sign.

I almost forgot to photograph it along the way, so this photo had, as you can see, already got a bit of paint on when I suddenly remembered to get out the camera.
 The antennae for the butterfly are made from a cotton bud, broken in half and then poked firmly into the clay. We used alphabet stamps to make indentations into the clay for the words, and Venetia added some little butterflies too.

Here's the heart:

The stamp set we have is this one:
Product Details
You can find it here on Amazon.

It was a Christmas present last year and has been great, fun for the children and useful too.

Once it was dry we began the painting, including a layer of glitter glue to add a little sparkle, and then gave everything a coat of mod podge to seal it.

Here's our finished work:

Venetia is very happy with her new door sign, and I feel like the heart is a nice, slightly different way, to say a thank you.

Alphabet stamps open up lots of possibilities with clay - how about some posh gift tags or place setting names, as well as a whole host of different signs you could make?

Back again tomorrow, Sally.

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