Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Link

I'm having big technical problems today, I can't seem to upload any of my photos to the blog. I have been trying off and on for quite a number of hours and nothing is working, so I am finally admitting defeat for the day and giving up. And since a post without any photos doesn't bear thinking about, you'd better all go and read someone else's blog for today! You could do a lot worse than try this post -Bloggers Quilt Festival Winners at Amy's Creative Side. Click on the winners listed and you will find some amazing quilting eye candy. Or you could just have a browse through Amy's quilts, like this one:

In some ways it's even more frustrating that I can upload someone else's photos, but at least it gets a bit of colour on the page after all. Find this quilt on her blog here.
I'm really hoping normal photo uploading service will be resumed tomorrow because I was going to show you our completed plastic canvas bunting, fingers crossed I'll be back with that tomorrow, Sally.

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