Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Machine Embroidery

I've been cracking on with the Tree Quilt today and it's been a bit of a challenge. It's more full of squares that have, individually, taken a lot of time to make, than pretty much any quilt I can remember making. And I think that's partly been prevarication on my part, because I haven't had a really clear idea of what it's going to look like as a whole.

I've shown you a bit of the appliqued trees and the bleaching of the snowflakes, but the other thing I've done on there, in my efforts to put off the moment when I have to work out how I'm going to put it all together, is some machine embroidery. So I've got a few pictures of those squares to show you today, before I, hopefully, have a finished quilt to show you later in the week.

Just a simple oak leaf and acorn...

Another Wintry tree...

With loads of bark detail...

And even a little robin...

And lastly, a squirrel...

Machine embroidery has been lots of fun, and a good way of getting more of a feel for my new sewing machine. But the trouble is, that the more time I've invested into the individual squares of the quilt, the scarier the piecing of the whole quilt has become. Since if it doesn't all work together then I've just wasted far too much of my time. And so far I really like all my squares individually, they're like lots of mini tree related pictures, but I'm seriously worried about how they're looking together!

Back again tomorrow, Sally.


  1. I absolutely love this one! the materials and stitching gives it so much texture. Its definately a "touch me" kind of quilt. Love Michelex

  2. Ahh, thanks Shel. I was really pleased with how it turned out, I love touch me kind of quilts too, particularly for children.


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