Monday, 29 September 2014

Little Girls' Night Gown

This one is a Christmas present - hurray, one down, lots to go! 

I've decided to make the girls some nightgowns - good for Venetia because she loves to wear a pretty night gown, especially if it's long; and good for Maria because she's always inclined to stay up late then just tumble into bed in whatever she's wearing. I have plans to hopefully make 2 (or maybe even 3!) each, and I've gathered up a pile of possible fabrics to dip into, all repurposed and thrifted of course - a few flannelette sheets, a duvet cover and possibly a table cloth.

This one is of the 'encourage Maria to get properly ready for bed' variety. I've used the basic idea from this Toddler Nightgown Free Pattern, but Maria is a little older so I based it on one of her tops that fits her now for the sizing. As well as a flannelette sheet, I used an old sun dress of Maria's.

Got a bit carried away and chopped it before I took a photo!
It was much too small for her and the shirring was losing all its elasticity, so it really was only good for the chop. And I thought the bottom of it would be perfect for the bottom of the nightgown.

When I laid it out though, I felt it needed a little bit extra to it.

So I added a white flounce as well.

I actually really liked it with just the white bottom, it had a bit of a 60's feel to it I thought, and was quite Maria like. Might have to do something else along these lines...

But for this, I carried on and added the second flounce.

One thing that's always great about repurposing old clothes or curtains or whatever, is that so often some of the work is already, and beautifully, done for you - like the frilled hem here.

I just used the instructions for the original nightgown for the neck and arms - they were very straightforward.

All in all it was surprisingly quick, easy and fun to make. You might know by now that I'm not a big maker of clothes. I liked the idea of nightgowns because, if they're a bit rough and ready, no one will really get to see them except us, but actually I think I could happily make a dress, or two, in this style as well.

Hopefully I might have a different one finished for Venetia to show you tomorrow, it's almost done. Have you got any favourite night gown patterns or styles that you've made in the past that could be good for my next one after that?



  1. That is adorable. And I so love how you re-purpose everything. I have a few Christmas presents made already too :)

  2. Oh that's pretty, especially with the ready made frill at the bottom, and so very very Christmassy colours - she's going to love it!

  3. What a lovely idea! And what beautiful names your girls have. X

  4. Such a pretty pretty it could double as a dress. I think it will be just the perfect thing to inspire your little one to get ready for bed. :) I too have two little ones that love wearing night gowns, and a few are on my list for Christmas this year too. Congrats to you for already getting started.


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