Thursday, 4 September 2014

My day in pictures

This post is sort of inspired by the lovely Kim's 'Morning, Noon and Night' posts over at Mothering with Mindfulness. It was going to be 3 peeks into my day, but on looking through my photos, predictably, I can't narrow it down so it's just going to be my day in photos - with a few gaps, most notably around food preparation and eating times when the camera got forgotten, we didn't have anything too exciting to eat today so not to worry!

8.30am, after seeing Theo off for his first day back at school (insert very glum face and unfortunately no photos allowed!), Venetia and I headed out to pick blackberries on our drive, since the farmer down the road was about to come and give the hedges a drastic haircut.

It was a gorgeous morning with beauties of nature all around us, my photos really don't do justice to them.

This is the first punnet of blackberries that I'm actually managing to put in the freezer. I have picked so many over the past few weeks but the gannets keep eating them!

Just in time, here he comes!

I picked plenty enough to be enjoyed for breakfast as well.

Mid morning and a little bit of last minute name tag sewing into shirts - yawn!

Since my thread was the right colour I had a quick switch to some, marginally, more interesting sewing - I've been quietly cutting out these finger and hand puppet blanks whilst watching the last couple of 'Bake Offs' - and it's my first Christmas present making, woohoo! Since the girls love painting and drawing on fabric I've been trying to think of possible makes to incorporate this, and blank puppets seemed a good and simple idea.

I love puppets of all kinds anyway...

So I'm really looking forward to seeing what these will become with a little bit of their imaginations, and how they might then play with them, hopefully together.

After an early lunch we made the most of the lovely, late sunshine we're enjoying and hit the beach, literally!

The sand was beautifully fine and hot.

But the sea was even more inviting.

Sam and Venetia took control of the camera for some underwater fun, slightly hit and miss!

An underwater smile!

Strange hair!

And then a fast forward to this evening with some hand sewing of binding, on this wool quilt, while we all catch up on the Bake Off for this week. I now have custard tarts in my head - maybe a blackberry one would work?

I wasn't allowed to take photos of the boys glued to it, but here are my 2 girls, fresh from a bath, snuggled up together watching it, and most definitely not tired, not tired at all! Maria was asleep 5 minutes after taking this.




  1. Your day was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I think I should log off and take this smile with me.

  2. What a beautiful day! And look at those blackberries, glad you got there before the tractor :) I love the last pic, adorable.

    Thanks for the shout out my friend. xo

  3. What a magical day!
    Our climate is too harsh for blackberries. Your blackberry pathway is delightful.
    Those puppets will provide hours of entertainment, I'm sure! And, isn't it lovely that you enjoyed a wild swim together. Again, our climate is too harsh for wild swims. Our lakes don't warm up enough to be comfortable. Splashing around for a few minutes along the shore is as close as we come to swimming around here!

  4. What a beautiful day you had. Your children just breathe joy... There isn't one time I've looked at their faces and haven't smiled. You are truly blessed my friend! xo

  5. What a beautiful day!!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am envious of all those blackberries...ours didn't do well this year. And your trip to the beach looked like so much fun! Love the last photos of the girls snuggled up together.

  6. What a lovely post, just full of stunning photos xx

  7. A beautiful day and amazing photos to always remember it.


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