Monday, 8 September 2014

Rainbow Party 1

You might remember Maria's birthday was way back at the end of June. Well, in typical me fashion, we've just had her birthday party tonight! This was partly down to general busy-ness at the time, and then very unreliable weather for quite a long time, but also largely down to my lack of organisation! The plan was always to have a painting party with a rainbow theme, and I really wanted to be sure we could do all the painting outside, hence the need for some reliable weather.

So this weekend was full of preparations and making. Lots of these plain bags.

Ready to be painted, like Maria's Rainbow Bag, again back in June.

Lots of rainbow 'wands' to be.

And Venetia had already made me some Rainbow Bunting, she's clearly more organised than me! She picked out fabric, and I sliced her off some oblongs to sew up.

All  from my fabric hoarding, and all recycled or thrifted in some way rather than bought new. The blue flowery piece was from a thrifted nightgown (back here) that Venetia loves and seems to have claimed as her own.

And, once it was glue basted, she sewed a long strip of fabric (a worn out pair of trousers!) onto them to create the bunting.

Now I was going to show you a few more photos of what went on, but for one thing, I'm completely pooped in an after party pooped kind of way, and for another thing I seem to be having trouble loading up photos tonight, the two things could very possibly be connected! So there'll be a Rainbow Party Take 2 tomorrow, when I'll hopefully be more with it. But I'll leave you with one more successful photo tonight, Maria's cake, decorated by herself yesterday.

Inspired by a lovely cake made by a little one for our local, fund raising Bake Off back in May.
And you wouldn't believe how many tubes of smarties you need to get enough of all the colours for a Rainbow like this!

Back tomorrow,



  1. Wow, I bet it was a great party. Did you need that many tubes of smarties because you ate as you decorated :)

    Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Wow, that cake is superb! I would have loved something like that myself. Heck, I might still love it enough to try to make myself! I hear you on the post-party lack of energy. I hope everyone had a great time!

  3. Love the cake, and Venetia did a great job on the bunting! Looks like fun!

  4. What a fun, colorful party! Worth the wait I am sure!

  5. You are making so many fun memories with your kids. Delightful!


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