Saturday, 23 January 2016

Flower Applique Mini Quilt

I've not felt a strong pull to set myself any blog related/crafty New Year plans this January, but over the past couple of weeks linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts' 'Finish It Up Friday', the attraction of 'finishing' something every week has grown, even if it's only a small finish. I'm still not feeling the need to make any kind of full commitment to 52 finishes for the year, but maybe I'll have it in mind each week and try. 52 finishes does sound good!

And I've been successful this week at least. I started these flowers several years ago, pre-blog. They've been sitting around ever since, just sewn on to a piece of fabric (very sloppily sewn in fact, happy to say my standards have risen since starting this!). I think they've probably been waiting for decisions to be made. Possibly one of the decisions might have been cushion cover versus some sort of picture/wall hanging, but it's so long ago that I really can't remember! I still did a bit of dithering this week on which way to go, but in the end the flowers were looking so lovely and colourful and happy, that I decided I'd really like to be able to lie in bed and see them on my wall every day. 

Once that decision was made I was very tempted to just quilt down the flower and leaf outlines. Apart from general laziness when it comes to quilting, I always worry that I'll spoil something with my less than wonderful quilting if I try and do too much. And although this is still far from wonderful quilting, I don't feel like I ruined it, I still like my mini quilt!

The flowers were all cut from scraps of vintage fabric, all with pretty large prints. So it was a very straightforward make really, just the fun of arranging them pleasingly.

I've got 2 slightly bendy branch off-cuts slotted in to the back at the moment, top and bottom, for hanging purposes, I didn't realise how much they're distorting the hang of it until seeing the wavy shadow in this picture! 

And now they are looking very bright and happy on my wall. Finishing is good! 

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts again and wishing everyone a great weekend.



  1. Congratulations on making a few decisions and turning the flowers into a mini. :)

    I kind of had a goal of 52 finishes last year, and it was perhaps a bit more than I could chew. I don't know that my aim this year is all that different, though, but at least I hope to let the feeling of "have I made one a week?" go.

  2. Oh I love the flowers, they are beautiful Sally.
    52 finishes, I would be in awe! I'M hoping for maybe about 12... one a month sounds perfectly doable for me. LOL!

  3. Very striking, Sally!!! I think the idea of 52 finishes would stress me out, but then I'd be overjoyed if I achieved it.

  4. That's just lovely! How cheerful:-)

  5. Stunning, love the wonderful bright colors.

  6. Just beautiful! You've inspired me!

  7. I love this quilt - so pretty and cheerful! Well done!

  8. Sally this is just gorgeous! Love the quilting as well as the flowers X

  9. So pretty! I can't wait to see what else you find sitting around!

  10. I love this. It's unusual yet pleasing to the eye.


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