Saturday, 30 January 2016

Ho, ho, ho sewing - mini stocking cutlery holders.

Now if I'm being honest I probably wouldn't have got myself into gear this month to start thinking about Christmas sewing - even with a gentle nudge from Ho, ho, ho over at Celtic Thistle Stitches again this year. After all, it is only January, and I was kind of feeling a break from anything Christmassy would be good. But then when I read Fiona's 'Ho, ho, ho' post, I decided that:

  1. Getting organised for Christmas early is still definitely a good plan for me.
  2. I really like the look of the giveaway prize for this month - and you've gotta be in it to win it!
So I started thinking about what my Christmas sewing priorities for this year would be. 

One thing I really liked from our Christmas just gone was that I made a bit more effort than usual with the Christmas dinner table. Usually just the fact that the table is completely cleared before setting/eating makes it extra special in itself! But this year I put out a couple of pretty candle lanterns and a centre flower/evergreen arrangement - nothing amazingly time consuming or fancy but it did make it feel that extra bit more special and Christmassy. And so I thought I'd like to continue that this year and maybe take it up a smallish notch or two.

And I've started this month by making something very quick and easy for the Christmas table. Some mini stocking cutlery holders.

I just cut up an old felted wool jumper in a festive red, machine sewed the pieces together and added a little contrasting top stitching along the open top edge. Incredibly simple.

As well as adding a festive touch to the table, I think these will have one other benefit. I am pretty sure, especially judging from Maria's reaction to these already, that she is going to be very keen to set the table for me next Christmas. Which will be one less thing for me to have to do!

'Ho, ho, ho' will be running each month, on the 18th, with the link ups open till the month end. Here's where the monthly link ups will be throughout the year.

So there'll be plenty of opportunities to join in and get yourselves organised for Christmas.



  1. Those are cute - you could do them for other seasons/holidays as well - then store them in little bags made out of matching theme/seasonal fabric ;)

  2. They are wonderful. I just might have to make a few myself.

  3. So cute, and so effective! Yes I recognise the table being 'special' simply by virtue of being cleared, mine is the same..... X

  4. Great idea, Sally and well done on Christmas sewing in January. I didn't make anything for January, but have made some drawstring bags for February's link up. Need to take photos yet.


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