Friday, 15 January 2016

Hexie Cushion and Patchwork Scarf

So here at last is the patchwork scarf for Maria, made in the same way as the Liberty one. I made this one quite a bit longer than the Liberty one (the scraps for this one not being rationed in any way!), which I prefer, particularly if the scarf is tied.

These scraps were all left over from making her quilt, which felt very appropriate.

And then another make at long last finished from those leftovers...

I finally finished the hexie cushion I started way back at the beginning of August - hurray! The main reason it took me so long was just trying to decide how to 'finish' the edges. I eventually decided to keep the hexie shape up the sides by simply sewing/quilting it down on to another piece of fabric/batting.

Just some simple quilting down the lines of the hexies.

And it does go very well with the quilt.

Especially as I also had plenty of the soft, flannel, vintage sheet, which I'd used for the quilt backing, to back the cushion.

But I think it needs a cushion friend now! Don't you find so often, in some way or another, one makes leads to another? Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts again this week. Happy weekend to you all,



  1. What a fabulous riot of colour! I love the scarf and seeing the hexies reminds me that I have an abandoned block of hexies from a Liberty kit that needs to be turned into something lovely:)

  2. Oh, i really love this Hexie Pillow!
    And the scarf - cute Idea!

  3. Sweet model, of course! Your projects look perfectly quilty and cozy, but you're right...the pillow could use a friend (or two?)

  4. oh it's gorgeous! and that vintage flannel is the same as I tiny scrap a friend made me for a collaberative project, I made a tiny dolly and her duvet from it x

  5. Such a fun pillow to match your daughter's quilt! And the scrappy scarf is lovely as well! :)

  6. You are always blowing me away with what you create my friend. All of it is just lovely.

  7. awesome!! I think im going to have to get into making those scarfs!

  8. I love the coordination of scarf, pillow, and quilt!

  9. A pretty scarf for a darling girl.

  10. One cushion is always calling out for a second. The hexie cushion looks great. I'm 100% sure I had that exact same sheet once upon a time, except then it wasn't vintage, as it was in the 70s. I've just sewn small hexies onto a zippered purse in much the same way as you have.


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