Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hexagons and Silhouettes

I've been busy quilting today:

Quilt top here

But there was just time to start a new project too. Do you remember quite a while back I made a simple silhouette picture? At the time I thought it might make a good present for a grandparent - to perhaps have a collection of the silhouettes of all their grandchildren. It's an idea that's been at the back of my mind, but I haven't found enough frames that I liked that would work together. The grandparent I'd like to do this for has 12 grandchildren - so it is quite a few frames to gather together! But I had a possible brainwave earlier this week - instead of framing all the silhouettes, perhaps I could put them all together in a mini quilt to hang on the wall. It's only a 'possible' brainwave at the moment, I'm not convinced yet that it will work, so it could just turn into a stupid idea instead!

But I've made a start. I thought wool hexagons would work the best:

And I got Venetia to give me a quick pose when she got home from school.

Not the best photo ever but it will do the job! My previous post  - here - has a link to a tutorial on how to go about this. Last time I used black sticky felt, this time I'm planning on using some nicer, charcoal coloured wool felt - from a chopped up, old jacket.

I've started hand sewing the hexies, and there's just the one silhouette to try and get an idea of how it might work. I'm still not sure yet, it might just look a bit silly with 12 silhouettes. I'm reserving judgement.

And another potential problem - I really don't want to hand sew all the silhouettes on to the hexies and I'm not sure how good they'll look if machine stitched. We'll have to see.

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