Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Patchwork Cushion

My 'quick' make today has been a cushion cover. Although it hasn't been quite as quick as I'd have liked and it isn't completely finished yet! I started out with lots of scraps from various, previous makes.

Quite a few of these were already cut into strips, which was what I wanted. I'd decided to make a cushion along the same lines as the picnic quilt I made for Maria in the Summer. There's a bit more of an explanation with a link back on that post, but here are a few photos along the way today...

It's a quilt as you go kind of make so I started out with 4 squares of an old wool blanket, like this...

Now start sewing on the strips, right sides together then ironing them back over, and each strip covers the previous raw edge.

With as many quilting lines as you feel like along the way, until you've covered your square.

I got my 4 squares finished but haven't managed to sew them together yet.

And then I need to sort out a back to turn it into a cushion. I've got plans for a few more cushions over the next week, but I'll tell you why tomorrow, right now I need some sleep.



  1. I've cut out strips for a few cushions for the bake off but have got no further with my making!

    1. Since I'm in the mood for small things I thought I'd be organised and do some Bake Off making early, rather than the usual last minute.

  2. Oh my goodness that such a well timed post. My machine comes back in Saturday (yay) and I'm going to copy this idea. Perfect. Well, that and sew up the 4 dresses I've already cut out ready and waiting. Saw your comment on my blog - will reply ASAP. But in short- yup autumn is delightful here, slow, gentle and pleasant. Usually ..... Fingers crossed for this year.


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