Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Another strip quilt

Another WIP to link up with Freshly Pieced again. I started this quilt before Christmas, not that I got too far!

It was going to be a Christmas present for somebody, but then it became apparent that we wouldn't see them till probably February, when we'd have a late Christmas. So the quilt was sidelined to make way for others. I got it out again today, since somehow, not quite sure how, it seems to be February already!

The colours were set by the decor of the living room in which it's destined to live. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of the stripey fabric - which is a remnant of upholstery type fabric I was kindly given. The other fabrics are wools, and the particular blue shades I needed are also in a little bit of a short supply. So I needed a design that made the best use of what little I had.

And when I got my pieces out this morning and looked at them again, I really couldn't quite remember what my plan for the design actually was! I've seen a few things recently about keeping a quilt notebook of some kind - might have helped me here. But nevermind, given my fabric limitations I kept it very simple and here it is after a sewing session today.

My iron died on me this morning so you'll have to excuse the bumpiness. I've always taken my iron a little for granted and not realised what a quilting essential it is.
  I thought I could add some fancy quilting lines on the plain colours to give it a bit more interest.

And it definitely worked in terms of making the most of the fabric - I've got a scrap of the stripey fabric left over that's maybe the size of a credit card.

I'm hoping I might get to show you Theo's quilt tomorrow, I finished it at the start of the week but have been really struggling to photograph it with our weather as it has been. Perhaps tomorrow may be better...


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