Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Foxy Ipad Cases

Tidying up my fabric last week was an excellent way to actually remind myself of the different patterns and colours I had. This little group of wools, which I'd forgotten about, made me want to create something with foxes. 

A mixture of an unwanted kilt, jumper and jacket.

So I started another Ipad case at the weekend with a simple fox applique on it, but didn't get very far with it and wasn't too happy with the applique. Then, driving to the beach, I spotted this sign on a pub along the way:

I managed to snap a quick photo as we passed it - Harry was driving!
There was another fox sign along the way as well, a running fox, unfortunately I wasn't quite quick enough to get that one on camera - perhaps next time. It's amazing how our brains tune into things. We've driven that way so many times and I've never noticed these foxes, and as soon as I have fox ideas racing round my head, they suddenly stand out a mile.

Anyway, I've now finished my original fox Ipad case:

And a second one, based on the sign I snapped:

I really liked the second one as I was making them, but I think I made his eye too mean and sly looking, and now I prefer the cuter one after all! I might have to redo that eye.

They've both got brown wool, from an old blanket, on the inside:

It was good to do some making with patterned wool for a change, most of the time I just seem to stick to the solid colours.

So what do you think, cute one or sly one? And does he need a quick eye operation?

Back tomorrow,



  1. Adorable! You are so very creative :)

  2. I am partial to cute! However, they are both foxy! ;)

  3. Ooh I like both, but the sly one takes it by a whisker!

  4. I love them both but the cute one wins out by a They both make me smile.


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