Sunday, 4 May 2014

Zelda Making

Anybody out there a Zelda fan?! Possibly not! But Theo is, and one of his very good friends is, who had a birthday this weekend, so we set about some Zelda making. (I should have got Theo to give me a pithy, description of 'Zelda' to fill you in if you don't know what I'm talking about, he would probably be horrified at my very limited description - but it's basically a fantasy game type thing!)

There are quite a lot of these type of cushions available on Etsy (here for instance), but generally in America, and Theo wanted some subtle differences anyway so we made our own:

In my ignorance I always used to think this was Zelda, but apparently this is a terrible mistake to make - Zelda is the princess and this is actually 'Link'.

And Theo also made his friend a tablet case:

The 3 triangles are known as the 'Triforce' - very important in Zelda. Don't ask me how or why! But this was sort of a good practice at my upcoming, first workshop for me - teaching Theo to make one. And it was a very good first try out because it can only get easier from here on! Theo is at that stage where he expects to be able to achieve perfection and yet his abiliies don't quite match up to what he wants. Fortunately I remember myself being at this stage which helped a lot with patience! And Theo, despite a little angry frustration, kept trying, probably better than I ever did, - through several unpicks and recuts - until he got an end result that he was happy enough with. He even commented at the end that he liked the 'triforce' being off centre - music to my now, wonky loving ears!

On an entirely different subject, one of the things I've loved most about blogging is discovering other blogs, often through comments left here by other bloggers. I've just followed a comment through to a blog today and had a browse, one of the posts I read was about 'Human Trafficking'. This is a subject that has been preying on my mind recently after reading some of the (very limited) coverage about the 200 plus girls who were abducted from their school in Nigeria. The blog post had some very disturbing facts and some useful links on how we can all get a little more involved in trying to bring this terrible, criminal industry to an end, if you have a minute go and take a look - Growing Roots.



  1. No idea how Zelda is, but the pillow is awesome, love it! And I am sure it will be well loved :)

    Thank you for the link, those facts are very disturbing and concerning. It makes my heart ache. I will take some time later to browse the Better Way site, maybe in some small way I can help. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. xo

  2. I showed my husband your pillow. He immediately said, "Awesome! That's Link." He used to play Zelda a lot when he was young. Love the pillow. My mom used to make me animal themed pillows when I was little and they were some of my most treasured possessions.

  3. Human trafficking...such a horrific crime. My heart breaks for the innocent girls that are so often the target of this unthinkable act.. Thank you for the link...I will be reading up on it when I get a moment.

    The pillow is adorable...I am not familiar with Zelda or Link, but I think the little one it was made for will love it. I think it is wonderful that you included your son in the gift making process. The tablet cover Theo made is great! Happy birthday to his little friend.

  4. That tablet case is so great! I used to be into zelda myself.... Thanks for the blog link. I was saddened to hear about the abduction in Nigeria, especially because it initially was only briefly mentioned in the news - you're right, the media coverage about this is sadly limited. I am glad that we communicate about things that matter here in the blog world.

  5. Let's start with the fun stuff. Theo didn't fall very far from the tree (you). It's wonderful to see a young person have the opportunity to create. They're lucky you have the patience and desire to guide them. I'd love to have had that chance, as a child. Now, on to the not fun stuff. Thank you for bringing light to an issue which simply shouldn't exist at this point in our history...but it does. Unbelievably, far too often. I'm headed over to check out your link, now. We may think that one person can't make a difference....but if one leads to two...and two leads to three......then we can.


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