Monday, 5 May 2014

Weekend Round Up

It's been an extra long, May holiday weekend here in the UK and I thought I'd give you a bit of a round up of some of our happenings.

We've been around the home and garden having a peaceful time mostly. Trips out to ballet lessons but mainly a little bit of gardening (not enough, weeds, grass and hedges grow faster than we get to them!), a BBQ and some indoor making. 

I said I'd make some Gnomes for the 'Bake Off' next week, I haven't made any of these for ages:

For all things Gnome related, I'd recommend heading over to Wee Folk Art, the inspiration for all my gnome making.
Maria was disappointed that I wouldn't let her help with the painting (since they weren't for us), but fortunately I had a few wooden peg people and bugs for her to have fun with instead. And now I'm thinking some unpainted gnomes would be a perfect idea for a birthday present for her next month.

And they've, temporarily, all made themselves comfortable in our Gnome House

I really wanted to have a trial run on a 'Bake Off' cake too, I've seen a brilliant idea to try, but the children were all desperate to make gingerbread men and flapjacks.

Can you spot our homage to Star Wars with his light sabre (for 'May the Fourth' ) nestling amongst the usual ballerinas, hearts, apples etc?! And I'll just have to hope my cake-to-be is a triumph first time out.

Today we decided we couldn't have a long weekend without a quick trip to the beach.

Not the best weather, but shoes were straight off.

So much space to run around

And feel that sand between the toes and fingers
A game of 'hide and seek', it took me a long time to find them in here!

Running, jumping, rolling, tumbling off sand dunes.

Our favourite kind of playground. Hoping you've all had a wonderful weekend too.



  1. I love your gnomes - and the peg people look great too - where do you find blank peg peeps - my Kitty would love painting them up! I'm envious of your trip to the beach too - it looks like wonderful fun, and that was a genius hiding place!!

  2. Love those gnomes! My little man loves to paint peg people too :) And a trip to the beach, how lovely. That was one great hiding spot :)

  3. Such a fun and crafty holiday!

  4. Aww lil gnomes! Super cute. Those sandy beach photos look so fun - we have beaches here but they are all rocky. Your little painter is precious. Great craft idea for kiddos.

  5. It's so nice to see a young artist, at work. I love the ladybug. The cookies are wonderful, yeah for Star Wars.

  6. Your children look so happy! I love seeing their bright smiles! They look like they had such fun at the must live close to it. Your little one's hiding spot was perfect! :)

  7. Love those gnomes and I'm so jealous of that beach, looks wonderful. It looks like the beach is a happy place for everyone, is it far away?


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