Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Autumn Leaves Quilt

You might remember my Autumn leaves WIP back in the middle of July. I was desperately trying to get it finished quickly, and typically I didn't quite hit my deadline and had to issue a present IOU! Once the deadline had passed, I slowed up a bit on it (again typically!) but finally finished the binding earlier this week:

This one was a present for the wonderful teacher at our lovely Montessori pre-school, Little Oaks, who has looked after Theo, Venetia and now lastly Maria throughout their years there. Sam was already too old for pre-school by the time we moved here, but the other three have all loved their time there, it has been an amazing place for children to explore and have fun and grow. I machine embroidered a little message on there:

But I'm feeling very sad about my words at the moment, because I heard just last week that the pre-school is, unfortunately, going to close at the end of September. Despite having a wonderful reputation, and consistent outstanding Inspections, they've really struggled with numbers over the last couple of years, and it's become unsustainable. Situated as they are, in a very rural area, there just haven't been enough local children to keep them going. I feel so lucky that my children were fortunate enough to be able to go there, but incredibly sad that other local children in the future are going to miss out.

It's a place, and a part of Theo, Venetia and Maria's childhoods, that we will always remember, and we will particularly remember the amazing teachers who worked there.



  1. It is beautiful Sally. Such sad news about it closing, but wonderful that your children have such wonderful memories to carry with them.

  2. Lovely gift, and very sad news about it closing. So glad that your children had such a wonderful place, though. :)

  3. Oh that's such a shame that it's closing; it sounds like a wonderful place and your children have clearly loved it if it prompts you to make such a gorgeous present.

  4. What an beautiful gift!!!! I am so sorry to hear that the preschool is closing...it is always sad when an institution tha has been near and dear to ones heart is no longer going to be in existance. :( Glad tha you children were blessed, though, by the experience they had there.
    Sally, your quilts are lovely...I am just amazed at each new one you show to us!

  5. this is such a beautiful piece. i really, truly love your work. i am sorry about the center closing. that's so unfortunate. they will treasure this gift, i'm sure!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the school closing, but your quilt is beautiful! And your kids will have had the chance to learn from them while they could. Preschool years are such an important time. They learn so much in such a short amount of time, having quality teachers are a blessing.

  7. What an incredible and bittersweet gift. You've made a lot of beautiful quilts but this is one of my favourites. I think it speaks to my love of fall and how much I enjoyed returning to school. It's wonderful that your children had the benefit of such a special school and a shame that future ones, will miss out.


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