Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Driftwood Photo Holder

I've got something very quick and simple for you tonight.

Those of you who stop by here regularly will probably know by now that we love the beach, and that I take lots of photos there too. Cue some totally unnecessary beach photos from earlier today  - sorry, the light was so beautiful, and I just can't resist padding this post out with a few, since we're on the subject anyway!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I brought home a piece of driftwood I'd found on the beach, without any particular plan for it, but just because I loved the look, the shape and the feel of it...

And at the weekend I happened to be having a quick breakfast browse through Pinterest and came across these DIY Driftwood Decor ideas, one of which is an incredibly simple idea for a photo holder. My piece of driftwood seemed perfect for this, and what better place to display some of my beach photos than in a driftwood stand? Especially one gathered by us on one of our beach trips. So this morning I spent all of 5 minutes sawing a shallow groove in my piece.

That was all it took to turn it into this:

Works equally well with a landscape photo, and you can even put 2 photos in back to back so it's reversible according to your mood!

I'm almost embarrassed to be bothering to share it with you, it was so easy! But I really do love it and sometimes simple is best!



  1. Love it! We have made one similar with just a branch from a tree...love they way they look.

    Looks like a fun day at the beach.

  2. I love it! And you never have to apologise for posting pictures of the beach, it's just too beautiful not to!!

  3. One can NEVER take too many beach photos!!! The ones on this post are extraordinary!!!

  4. It's just so simple and beautiful... feel free to bother me with your beautifully creative ideas any day my dear!

  5. This is simply too cool for words. You are so wonderfully creative.


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