Monday, 4 August 2014

Fairy Garden

It's become a bit of a tradition around here that we create a Fairy Garden for the Magic Onions Fairy Garden Contest at the start of the Summer holidays. We had lots of fun painting colourful fairy houses last year - here.

The obvious place for our fairies this year was somewhere close to Maria's play house, and it seemed fitting that we got Theo to start the building process off, since this is very much his patch.  So he created a little fairy tree house for us between the pallet play house and his own tree house.

And then Venetia and I started decorating it. We decided to use lots of sea glass, with some driftwood and shells too.

We wrapped wire around some sea glass to make a garland. And glued some on to driftwood to create our fairy.

Shells worked for a kitchen chair at the driftwood table, with some teeny shells for food as well.

And Venetia painted a large pebble for a sign.

An extra large shell makes a perfect bath.

And when those solar powered fairy lights come on in the evening, it all looks a little magical.

Hopefully the girls will have as much fun with this one as they did last year. There are lots of gorgeous gardens full of fairy inspiration over at The Magic Onions, so take a look and maybe create your own.



  1. It looks awesome! So much fun creating fairy gardens, and always such creative ones over at Magic Onions.

  2. That is just so pretty! And the sea glass... how I LOVE sea glass!

  3. I love the shells! It's the perfect Fairy House! My daughter would LOVE something like this.


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