Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Christmas robin on a cinnamon stick

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (I kept it quiet, I know!), and a few of my lovely friends arranged a beautiful tea party for me. I really should have taken my camera along because the table looked beautiful and was very much worthy of a photo - delicious home cooked cakes, pretty china and gorgeous, home made patchwork table runner! But alas, no camera, no photo, sorry. However I have taken a photo of a perfect present I was given there by the lovely Emma. A sweetie jar...

But full of goodies much better than sweets, here are just a few to show you.

Some beautiful ribbon, I think I might have plans for this already...

Some very cute little wired toadstools...

Pretty buttons and a gorgeous, tiny oval hoop/picture frame...

And some cinnamon sticks...

And those cinnamon sticks were just perfect for another robin make.

I've really struggled to photograph him, but he's a little, stuffed, hanging robin, sitting on a cinnamon stick perch. I made him based on these robins, and I have to say that at the moment I'm much preferring the original - so go and take a look! I'm not sure quite what's wrong with my version...

It could be the eye or the beak...

Or possibly just the general shape of him, I think perhaps he needs to be rounder and plumper. I think he might also look a bit better with some wings. Maybe he needs all these improvements? I like the original, and I love the concept, especially the use of the cinnamon stick but at the moment I think mine is just lacking a bit of cuteness and charm - so please feel free to tear him apart and tell me where he should be different!



  1. Love you Sal!! Michelexx Its brilliant.

  2. Happy Belated, Sally!!! Lovely treats and trims!!!

  3. What a lovely gift. Happy belated Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday wishes, what a lovely gift to receive! X

  5. First of all...your bird is adorable!!! No need to tear him apart at all.
    Secondly, happy belated birthday!
    Lastly, I think the inspiration birdies are leaning forward on their perches more than yours, which is more upright. I think their bellies are also plumper. BUT...that doesn't mean there's anything I would change about yours! Just make him a few friends. :-) Birds, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, don't they??? I just love the charm of your handmade delights. :-)

  6. Well first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a lovely present and it sounds like it was a great birthday tea!
    As for your poor robin, if you want to get nearer to the original I think you need to be more 3D, your little fellow is looking a bit 2D at the moment. Maybe a centre seam down the tummy would let you make a really good round shape that would give the plumpness, or a really circular pattern piece?

  7. Happy belated birthday! What thoughtful presents... I hope you already have plans for that ribbon, it is gorgeous. That robin is so precious. Your talent amazes me every time!

  8. A very happy belated birthday to you!!!! I'm glad you were able to enjoy a special tea party. Loved all the treats in your goodie jar!
    Your robin is darling, and I wouldn't change him. As you mentioned, though, a plumper belly on future friends may give the result you are looking for. Most of our robins have quite the round bellies, but there are always a few that look a bit thinner. ;)


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