Thursday, 13 November 2014

Venetia's Robin Mini Quilts

Some photos of Venetia's robins to show you today...

Venetia drew and sewed these, but I was her cutter outer. And I did most of the binding too.

In fact I would very much appreciate an assistant like me for me - someone to do my cutting and binding sounds perfect! But I do love the way they've turned out. She's done 2 so far, both to be presents, and there's another slightly different one for us to keep - hurray!

Venetia decided to put buttons on this particular one because she wasn't happy with her stitching on the wing. Personally I thought the stitching looked fine, but I like it with the buttons too.

Here it is without the buttons.

That's it for today!



  1. Love them! Way to go Venetia.

  2. I love robins, and these little birds are so full of life and movement. Beautiful! X

  3. Such lovely gifts to be treasured!

  4. They all look wonderful - she's clearly inherited your talent!

  5. So pretty, love the little dangly legs. :-)

  6. I love the fabric you have used for the robin!
    Thanks for linking up with Ho Ho Ho and on we Sew!


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