Friday, 14 November 2014

Robin Quilt Blocks

I did warn you a couple of weeks ago, when this robin block came into creation...

...that there would be more robins coming this way. It has taken a while for them to filter through, but now they really are appearing thick and fast!

This isn't necessarily the best way to photograph these, they don't exactly give the feel of a future quilt this way, more oversized robin bunting! But we woke up this morning to blue sky and sunshine, so instead of doing something sensible like concentrating on getting my children ready for school, I dashed outside to take photos of robins! And I just had to get a photo with blue sky in it too.

With the original, I now have 7 blocks, 'framed', to a greater or lesser extent, log cabin style. 

I really like how bright and cheerful this one is.
These dancing robins could be my favourite though!

This one looks a bit cross here, but in real life he's not so grumpy!

That one above is a complete, blatant copy of a robin Maria drew for their 'advent' tree decorations, here it is on the tree...

Sorry, not the best of photos.
Maria drew it and picked out the fabrics she wanted, then I cut it out for her and we sewed it together, not that there's a lot of sewing. I liked it so much that I drew round it and recreated it for a block.

And here's the last one...

It felt like the framing was a bit dark so I added the holly.

I don't have any particular plan with this quilt. I'm just going to carry on making robins until I either run out of ideas for them or get bored with them. And then I'll patch them together somehow!

I have got a couple of other, non robin related makes on the go at the moment, if I get a bit more done on them I might actually share something unbirdlike here next week!



  1. The dancing robins are sweet, and I like seeing the blocks outside in nature with the blue sky. Lovely.

  2. Okay the dancing robins are my fav too. Enjoy your weekend Sally. xo

  3. I love robins, and this quilt is going to be just amazing! Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Oh your robins are just so cute - you need to find a way to hang them up inside so if you don't finish the quilt before Christmas you'll have robin bunting!!

  5. SUPER LOVE your robins...the dancing robins are my favourites, as well...I think. They are all so delightful, it's rather hard to decide! :-)

  6. I absolutely love this! And am thinking I might have to make robin bunting - I'm already trying to finish a quilt but bunting would be manageable!

  7. Oh, my goodness...what darling robins! I think the dancing ones are my favorite too, but the grumpy one is catching my eye as well. I love your use of fabric.

  8. They are just adorable!
    The dancing robins made me giggle out loud... just gorgeous!

  9. Actually, I find the grumpy one pretty endearing :)


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