Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Robin Garland

Reason number 29 for why I'm missing Summer is that it's so much harder to take blog photos now it's over! I have quite a few robins, in various forms, scattered around the kitchen waiting to be photographed but whenever I have a minute to get it done, it seems to be tipping it down with rain. And it's dark so early now too which is really not helping. But, I did take some photos of these garlands earlier, before the drizzle turned to downpour.

I've cut out some larger robin shapes to make into a garland for a Christmas present, which I haven't yet got round to sewing, but I had so many scraps that a garland of little robins was completely essential as well! And, as you can see, it became 2 garlands. I have a plan to put together a 'hamper' of homemade Christmas decorations for someone as a present, and these little robins seemed perfect for it, but I had to have some for us too!

I really like how they're all a little bit different.

And if they can look bright and cheery even on a day like today...

Then they will most certainly brighten up my home at Christmas time.

More robins will definitely follow, weather permitting!



  1. Love it!!! It will look awesome in your home, and what a lovely addition to the hamper of homemade decorations. Love that idea by the way :)

  2. Oh they are so cute!! I'm glad you made enough to keep some for you - they've all got such personality!

  3. How very beautiful! I agree re the photographs, it's hard to get any decent light at this time of year for taking photo's X

  4. Oh my goodness, this just made my heart sing (and my husband giggle)... Just lovely.

  5. I feel the same way about winter lighting...so difficult to capture a good photo.
    The robins are darling!!! I love this idea...robins always make me smile.

  6. Dropped by from R&D Ho Ho Ho - so cute, love them - Chris :D

  7. Fantastic robins!!
    Blog pictures are so so hard in the autumn and winter, I have about an hour on a good day to get decent photos!
    Thanks for linking up with Ho Ho Ho and on we Sew!

  8. I hate taking photos, too many shadows in the summer with strong light leaving fabric colours looking bleached and just rubbish light in the winter. I despair of my photography skills! Hey, but you know what I love? Yup, these gorgeous little robins, they are just too cute xx


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