Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cushion Week!

So more cushions then...

I was aiming for a look of the moors with this one, all in wools. And I had a play around with machine stitching strands of wool on to it too, which was fun - sort of machine couching really I suppose.

 Hard to see clearly in photos but I just laid on my strands of wool (I went for quite thick, fluffy scraps - I'm sure all knitters out there will know a far more technical term for it than thick and fluffy, sorry!), and then stitched along it a few times, usually quite a wavy kind of stitch.

A few more details done and then here it is in its natural setting! Sadly on a pretty miserable, grey day.

The purple fabric was from a wool blanket, so I could use the blanket edging for the back of the cushion.

Then a very simple cushion, just made from old linens, layered up...

I think this one would be lovely in a bedroom. I machine stitched around a few of the denser areas of the centre doily and then hand stitched the edging down carefully.

And last one, another from old linens, but this time with some applique and machine embroidery.

And just as with the blankets, repurposing linens means you can make good use of edging for the cushion back, and not have to worry about hemming your fabric...

That's it for today, the sun is shining and outdoors is calling! 



  1. I love all three pillows but the first one is my favorite. That darling little horse!

  2. Pillows everywhere! Awesome job, they all look great. I like the idea of repurposing and not having to hem the backing, I'll have to remember that!

  3. Just gorgeous Sally. That first one is stunning, and I recognize that last one :)

  4. All three cushions look fabulous, Sally, but the first is my favourite. I have some old woollen blankets here that I was going to donate to charity. Maybe I should rethink, especially as one is green.

  5. So beautiful, and all so different! X

  6. Oh they are gorgeous, I love the moorland one, it's exactly the colours before a storm isn't it - and the thick fluffy stuff, do you mean pencil roving, or was it more spun than that?

  7. Just beautiful! I love the purple heathery one, and seeing it against that backdrop (even on a grey day!) really sets it off. You must be really pleased with them! I know I would be, if I could make anything half so nice!! xCathy

  8. The first one is possibly the most loved gift ever :-) seriously we adore it. I do like it in the pic against the backdrop too. We love it as its a little slice of 'home'.
    Those others are wonderful too. Cushions are such great thing to make, cheery and personal.


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