Friday, 29 May 2015

Summer Cushions

This is such a quick post, so I'm not sure why I didn't get round to it yesterday! But if, like us, you have rain coming down in buckets today, then here's a little reminder of Summer for you - in cushion form... 

A simple, linen background with wadding behind, I quilted 'straight' (ha!) lines first, then appliqued a sunflower, from repurposed wool.

The centre of the flower is slightly padded.

And then another easy flower applique...

Again a linen background with wadding, and just a simple quilted border this time. These petals came from a thrifted, silk handkerchief.

Very different now it's on the cushion.

At least the rain will be making everything grow, and I think the sun is due to come out this afternoon. Hoping you all get some sunshine too.



  1. Oh goodness I love the sunflower one! Beautiful. We would love some of that dry here. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. The extra padding in the center of the flower gives such a great sense of texture; I was wanting to reach through my computer screen to touch it! :)

  3. My cushion is loving its moment of fame, if only I had your motivation to sew the matching quilt

  4. I love it, it's so happy and summery! I like the padding behind the flower center and refashioning the handkerchief onto the back, great idea. :)

  5. Definitely needed today - it's been pouring with rain off and on all day! They are gorgeous and very sunny!

  6. The sunflower is so realistic, Sally, especially with the padded centre. A beautiful cushion!!!

  7. Both are so beautiful, and I love that the fabric in each cushion reflects the type of flower; the large, robust sunflower made from wool, and the delicate fronds of the other made from silk. Lovely X

  8. Can I totally steal your sunflower cushion idea? They are my daughter's favorite flowers and low and behold, her school next year is called the Sunflower School. What a wonderful "First day of school" gift idea!


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