Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Take 5

1) The daily fish sewing is slightly floundering at the moment, but I'm not beating myself up over it since it's because the fish seem to be spilling out into other projects right now. First up a simple little bag, that's part of a present for a little boy...

And the other side...

2) And on a larger scale, there's the beginnings of a new baby quilt for a little boy, who is already a couple of weeks old now, so I'd better get a move on with it!

These strips are sort of following the principles in this quilt-as-you-go Herringbone quilt. Here they are sewn together with some fishy additions...

This quilt is very much inspired by a comment from the lovely Carole at Fresh Off the Frame. She suggested that my daily sewing fish might end up on the end of a fishing line in her house. Although that's not my plan with my daily fish (poor things, I couldn't do that to my little babies!), I did really like the idea and it popped into my head when musing over baby boy quilt ideas. So thank you Carole! Although these fish are going to be caught in a net, as you can see...

I have a sky section almost pieced together and then a boat to create, hopefully it will all come together quite quickly now.

3) Another bag with some rainbow scraps, to be part of another present...

4) My friend Emma organised a craft evening recently to try and make white flowers for the charity North Devon Against Domestic Abuse.

Most of the flowers we made were fabric, and involved very basic hand sewing.
But some did not even require any sewing - these are made from milk bottle cartons with a button glue gunned on to them.

After being inspired by the poppies on display at the Tower of London, the charity decided to create their own version in Barnstaple town square to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the North Devon Women's Refuge being open. The white flowers are to symbolise peace, marriage and love, and they're aiming to have 4000 flowers to display by November (you can read a little more about their plan here). So if you're interested in contributing some flowers there's still plenty of time.

5) May has arrived with pretty horrible, wet, windy, cold weather. As I write I have a hot water bottle ready to take up to bed with me since my bare feet are icy! But the lilac tree is just coming into bloom and looking beautiful, and I couldn't resist this bright green vase the other day in a charity shop - it is making me feel Spring like even with my icy feet!


  1. Always such lovely creating from you Sally. Everything is just beautiful. I love your new vase. Hope the sun and warmth returns to you soon. My parents are heading over the pond tomorrow for a few weeks, maybe they will bring spring with them :)

  2. I really like the addition of the jellyfish on the bag with the fish! And the baby boy quilt looks like it is going to be a lot of fun for him to explore. I am sorry to hear the weather is a bit wonky; the lilac looks beautiful.

  3. Love the creations that the fish have graced!

  4. I love your fish projects! The bags are lovely - so colourful, and that jellyfish is awesome:-) You have photographed your bags so beautifully too, I'll have to take note.

  5. Love all your fishy patchwork Sally, your work rate is phenomenal , it would take me a year to do even one of these projects! Your new green vase is so bright and cheerful! X

  6. That fishy bag is a darling. There is a boy out there that is about to become very happy.

  7. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me, Sally! Wonderfulness!!! (That really should be a word, if you ask me!)
    P.S. The green vase complements the blooms perfectly. :-) Can't wait for our lilacs to get to that stage. So far they are just sticks with leaf buds!
    P.P.S. By now I hope your feet are as warm as your generous heart!

  8. Oh, and "floundering" - ha! I see what you did there. ;-)

  9. Very creative making the net with fish inside.

  10. Oh I love where all your fishies are turning up, especially the little boy quilt - I think it's going to be absolutely stunning and so much fun to play with!

  11. So much creating. Those white flowers are wonderful and I love the fish and rainbow bags.


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