Thursday, 18 June 2015

All blocks done, quilt a mess!

I think it's quite easy, when you're making a largeish quilt, to reach a point where you begin to run out of steam. And I am completely reaching that point with Maria's quilt!

I had been planning on making twelve blocks, so I had just one left to go. I'd decided that I wanted a block with an embroidery version of a drawing by Maria. That was quite straightforward...

This is something that Maria says quite a bit, so I got her to do a self portrait looking very happy and then write the words underneath. 

That was fine. But then I laid out all my blocks and I didn't have enough, the quilt was a bit short. And I wasn't loving how it looked all together either. So I've been making another three blocks. I was feeling a bit short on cute creature type inspiration so I went with more words inspiration instead. All lift the flap blocks...

Kind of appropriate with me and this quilt at the moment too!

This feels very appropriate for Maria. She does have a tendency to get frustrated with herself when something isn't quite working as she wants and to decide that she can't do it!

Kind of a nice one for a quilt to go on a bed.

And then, after a conversation with Harry about what advice we'd have liked to have been given when we were younger, I came up with this one...

This is another appropriate one for Maria, she's not always the best at trying new things - be they experiences or foods! I made this last block a bit different in style to the others - to kind of fit the quote really! And I was OK with it when I'd first made it, but now I'm not loving it at all. Particularly looking at it in the photos.

And I really struggled with getting the blocks to work altogether. I think this was my most preferred layout:

But it's feeling a bit of a mess to me, particularly that middle block. The more I look at it the more I think I'll have to change it. But I'm not convinced I'm going to love the quilt altogether even then.

This is not the best point to be at with one week to go before I want it finished!



  1. Its fab and very Maria, but its the middle block that's making it not work. Does it have to be a hidden flap? Could it just be her name?

  2. Oh I love the dream block! The last block is very strong and that's where your eye goes at the moment but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The other thing you could try if you're not feeling the love for it might be some quite neutral sashing between the blocks which might give them room to breathe!

  3. The middle block is sort of the odd man out, but it does serve as a sort of focal point. The red seems a bit bold compared to the surrounding fabrics, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! I feel like we all hit moments in projects where things just don't seem to work. Have faith in it, it is coming together wonderfully! :) We are our own worst critics, so that is easier said than done sometimes.

  4. I love the new blocks Sally. I see what you mean about the middle of the quilt, that middle block does stand out compared to the rest, but since it is in the middle maybe that is okay??? I am not a quilter, so I honestly have no idea :)

    Maybe a few days away from it, will bring you back with a fresh perspective...just a thought.

  5. Oh dear, hang in there Sally! Have you shown Maria the blocks and layout and talked it over with her? Sometimes a bit of input really helps me find perspective, and I am thinking Maria might be able to do that for you. *quilty hugs*

  6. This is such a fabulous idea! It will be amazing. Could you pop some plain sashing strips into it?

  7. It's going to be awesome when finished, Sally. When I hit a wall with any sewing, I do find it helps to walk away for a few days and then I'll either come up with a solution to my problem, or realise it wasn't as bad as I thought. Would adding a solid colour to the mix, to maybe separate the blocks help?

  8. Well, its certainly bright and busy - but I really like it! Its got a kind of crazy kid colouring book colours kind of vibe.
    I like the idea of some plain neutral striping across it to give the colourful blocks a little breathing space. But truly is is great!

  9. This quilt is pretty. I think sometimes when we work on a quilt for a long time we start seeing things we don't like. We are our own worst critics. I think it's just part of paying our dues to discover what we DO love. :-) Maybe if you pulled the center block and replaced it with a block similar to the others you would be happier with it? You could turn the center block into a pillow to go with the quilt. Or maybe use it as part of the backing?

  10. I can offer no suggestion that you wouldn't trump with a brilliant, imaginative solution to your dilemma. You already know that Maria will l-o-v-e this quilt, no matter what, so just relax and have fun with it! It is very soft and pretty and, best of all, full of delights for Maria to explore. It is fabulous. Period.

  11. It feels so strange to be reading these posts after I've seen the finished project. LOL! I'm glad you stuck with it. What a treasure to hold onto for life.


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