Monday, 8 June 2015

The Weekend

This weekend there was time for:

  • Ballet dancing and a cricket match.
  • Lots of 'interesting' building projects...


  • A disastrous hair cut - for Harry (he prefers to not get too many mentions round here so quick reminder - husband!). The end of his 'clippers' fell off without him realising it - giving him a very bad, bald stripe! So he had to go bald all over. Maria came downstairs, pointed at him and said just one word - 'hilarious' - before cracking up with laughter! After several minutes of laughing she then said: 'You look like .... (pause for thought) .... a head!', followed by lots more laughter. Sam didn't even recognise him at his cricket match! Before and after photos would definitely bring this anecdote more to life, but sadly I think that would be grounds for divorce, I still had to include it here though because, despite all the other good things that happened this weekend, I think this will be remembered mainly as the weekend Daddy went completely bald! But we're all starting to get used to it already, and it'll grow back soon!
  • Lots of gardening. If it gets just a little bit more under control out there then I might actually give you a proper tour. For the moment I'll show you a shot of a happily cleared out greenhouse, with tomatoes and cucumbers finally planted up neatly...

They have eggshells all around their bases, we're hoping that may discourage the slugs and snails, fingers crossed.
  • A rare sighting of the elusive, almost mythical, bottom of my washing basket. It's disappeared again now, but for a moment it was definitely there.
  • A beautiful walk down to the river...

It was still too fast and deep for me to be happy letting the girls loose in there, and too cold for Sam, but Theo and I swam - freezing but fun!

Usually when we swim in the Summer there's an 'island' in the middle of the river here, which we jump off. Theo could just about jump, but the island is knee deep under water still. May was pretty wet round here.

  •  A quick BBQ...

  • Meals eaten outside...

  • And of course some making was squeezed in there too. A few little bits finished but they need to be taken to the beach for photographs (what a chore!) and some Venetia making. Not finished yet, but she's started this for Maria's birthday in a couple of weeks...

All round, it was a lovely weekend. How was yours?



  1. Wow, what a weekend, full of good things, and lots of family time. Sounds like perfection to me. Your poor hubby, but you are right, it will grow back.

    Hope you have a wonderful week Sally. xo

  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend!! xx

  3. What a busy, productive weekend! Your poor husband, hope it grows back quickly! X

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend, Sally - fun with kids, gardening and sewing. Poor hubby!!!

  5. that looks like a fab weekend :-) ooh to see the bottom of a washing basket ......
    dying to see what the rainbow make at the bottom is!

  6. Oh what a very lovely weekend! I salute you for discovering the bottom of the laundry basket and the river swimming - I went in the sea on Sunday morning and it was freezing, lovely but freezing!!

  7. I'm so late reading blogs, but I still had to comment : What a week-end you had. Just reading your post made me want to sit. LOL! You guys are so energetic, so filled with life, it bursts off the page. I see you went with the bag-garden idea. :-) Pretty easy right? You'll have to let m know how it works for you.


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